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SYNC Performance Athletes


SYNC Junior Team


Junior Team America


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cooper puckett olivia_holm cleo_braun  


SYNC is excited to take part in supporting and supplying the top junior alpine ski racers in the USA. Presenting the SYNC Team and Junior Team America by SYNC for 2016 – 2017.

With the creation of the SYNC Team we support, develop and supply the top junior racers with the very best in speed equipment featuring the SYNC race suits, packs and training gear.

Our grass roots sponsorship focuses support for highly motivated young athletes as they progress towards the U.S. Ski Team. SYNC’s marketing manager Geof Ochs says “These young racers will be using SYNC race gear all season long in training and competition providing valuable feedback to our R&D team and demonstrating the performance first mantra of SYNC.”

For more information on the SYNC Team just click here.

Redneck Racing



Redneck Racing (left to right; Tucker Marshall, Julia Ford, Robby Kelley)

All three of them have a passion for the sport of alpine ski racing that none of them have fully tamed. And why should they? They named themselves the "Rednecks," but what does it truly mean to be a part of Redneck Racing? It means doing whatever it takes, and following that dream through till the end. Whatever end that may be. In essence, anyone who defies the odds of society, and is lacking a general compliance with those who say you are done, you too are part of their team.

The Rednecks train separately from each other sometimes, but that does not mean they aren't a team.

Follow our 2015/2016 season here, and watch us kick ass and take names on the world stage.

SYNC Ambassadors

SYNC AJ GinnisRiver RadamusSYNC Brennan RubieSYNC Mikayla LathropMax BervySYNC Andrew MillerSYNC Hana KusumiSYNC Michael Ankeny


SYNC Canada


The SYNC Ambassadors represent SYNC worldwide across all mountain sports.