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Uneva Shell Jacket
Uneva Shell Jacket
Uneva Shell Jacket
Uneva Shell Jacket
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Uneva Shell Jacket

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SYNC Men's Uneva Shell


  • Dura-MOTION ECO 3-Layer Stretch Woven Body Fabric
  • 20K/20K Waterproof-Breathable Rating
  • Durable TPU Print on Yoke For Shoulder Protection
  • Helmet-Compatible Hood
  • YKK Aquaguard Zippered Hand Warmer and Chest Pockets
  • Large Pit Zips
  • Sleeve Pass Pocket
  • Waist Drawcords
  • Drop Waist

Dura Motion ECO Stretch Fabric by SYNC

Through cooperation with Dupont SYNC has developed our Dura Motion ECO Stretch fabric combining the state of the art durability we are known for in an ecologically responsible fabric. Using 56% recycled polyester yarn and 44% Dupont Sorona, a bio-based yarn, we have actually increased stretch and UV fade resistance without sacrificing any of the toughness of our groundbreaking Dura Motion 200 fabric. Sorona contains 37% renewable plant-based ingredients, uses 30 less energy and releases 63% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to the production of Nylon 6.

Using a recycled mono-core and Sorona yarn wrapped 800X, woven with mechanical stretch, 200 hours of UV resistance and 20K/20K waterproof/breathable membrane, SYNC has created the ultimate performance fabric in both a 2- layer and 3-layer construction. The Dura Motion ECO Stretch 3-layer fabric features a lightweight 10 gram backer for the ultimate in fit and superior on-mountain performance.

Why 20K/20K fabric?

20k/20k Waterproof/Breathable fabric has many microscopic pores that are too small for water droplets and wind to enter but water vapor from perspiration can still exit the membrane keeping you dry underneath the shell.

The 20k Waterproof rating means that it would need a 1-inch diameter pipe 20,000 mm (65 feet) long filled with water to have liquid start to penetrate through.

The second number of the 20k/20k refers to the breathability of the jacket signifying that 20,000 grams of water vapor can pass through a square meter during a 24 hour time period.

For many snow sports enthusiasts, it is recommended to have these number between 5-10k. At SYNC we believe in exceeding the expectations of quality and performance. That is why we found a fabric for the Uneva Shell with ratings of 20k/20K to keep our athletes protected from the most adverse weather conditions during high-level physical exertion.