BTR Stool

€64,95 EUR

Color: Glacier

Performance-inspired sit stool for putting your boots on anywhere

Take a seat in the parking lot, outside the lodge, or when you are grabbing some water and rest in between training runs.

  • PhantomLock™
  • Ultralight
  • Small and packable
  • Quick setup
  • Detachable seat
  • Bungee cord fastening for tidy storage

Technical Details

• Fabric: 100% Nylon Mesh
• Poles: Aluminum Alloy 7001
• Load Capacity: 240 lbs | 110 kg
• 14.1 oz | 399g
• In use: 14"L x 13"W x 17.7"H
• Folded: 3"L x 3"W x 13.4"H

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Light stool. Super fast setup. Compact ...but not the strongest

I like this stool. I got the 17 inch one. Sets up in seconds. Folds and packs in seconds too. It's super light weight. A lot of online gear reviewers rave about the Helinox chairs, but this one weighs less and sets up easier. Sync was the lowest price I could find online for this stool anywhere.
I do have a complaint both about the chair and the manufacturer support. I had an issue with one of the legs the popped out of the sleeve when I was extending it (be careful not to extend them fast). I could not get it to stay in after it popped out. I reached out to support with the manufacturer, Hillsound, on chat and also through email. The Hillsound chat person tried to explain how to fix it, but wasn't very helpful. He told me to contact the support help by email. I did. Waited almost a full day and haven't heard back from the manufacturer.

I figured out how to get the leg back into the sleeve now. There are 2 plastic buttons, one on each side of the leg, that need to be sticking out to catch in the sleeve. One side was stuck inside of the leg. I was able to pop it back out with a metal pick. I don't know if I would be able to do that in the field. It helps now that I know what I'm trying to do if one of the legs pops out again. I'm worried that the fact that it has popped out once may make that leg more inclined to pop out like that again. We'll see.

I want to add that I made a mistake in the original post here and said that I had contacted Sync. Their customer support reached out to me within minutes to ask when I had communicated with them because they didn't have a record (and how could they help me). I looked back at my sent emails and realized my error, that I had contacted the manufacturer, not Sync support. Sync customer support has been fantastic and very quick to respond, so super props to them. They went the extra mile, so I circled back a third time to add this note.

Mike McMahan
So far so good

Only used once so far, but seems sturdy and comfortable. Love how light weight it is.

Tucker Levy
handy and easy

Simple to set up with nothing to connect, hook, or attach. Durable. I’ve been carrying it around to soccer games and it does the trick on the sidelines too.

Great stool to keep in the car

This stool is great to keep in the car at all times. It's small, lightweight, and sturdy. I am buying another one to have in both of my cars.

It's the seat

I wanted one of these last season and they were sold out. I ordered one early this season and have used it since November. Mostly I've used it to get my Cross Country boots on before my high school team's daily practice. Using it is so much nicer than struggling to don my boots inside the car (never enough leg room). I lay down a coated tarp to stay out of the snow in the parking lot. Though it is not especially comfortable to sit on for extended periods, it is perfect for this specific task. So far it has proven much more durable than the usual folding stool. I'm hoping it will last for many more seasons.

Hi Thomas!

Thanks for your review! Sounds like you have the booting up situation down. We are excited that you are stoked on SYNC!