In ski racing things go wrong more often than they go right... That's why this week Sawyer Reed is here to help you with three exercises that will bail you out of trouble. From a late line to an off-balance hairpin entry these movements might be the difference between a DNF and a podium finish!

Exercise #1: Lateral Hop Medicine Ball Throws

For this exercise you will need a medicine ball, 10-14 pounds. 

Hold the medicine ball in your hands and with a lateral hop from side to side, stick and land on one foot. Moving at a consistent rate toss the medicine ball against the wall in transition.

It is important to keep the effort and tempo high. This will help your hip and core stability, along with your rotational power. 

Do 3 sets of 10 Lateral Hop Medicine Ball Throws on each side. 

Exercise #2: Corridor Jumps

For this exercise you will need 4 small hurdles. 

For Corridor Jumps, set up the hurdles in a corridor with enough space to jump in between them. Start off by jumping off of two feet and landing on one, immediately cutting over to the next hurdle in line. Link these jumps together and repeat.

Once you have the technique down try and increase the tempo. This exercise is great for targeting your explosive power, acceleration and change of direction.

Do 3 sets of 4 Corridor Jumps. 

Exercise #3: Step Over Sprints

For this exercise you will need an open area to perform the sprints.

Start off by squaring your body up, then you will cross over lateral for one step, repeat in the opposite direction, and then pivot to sprint out of it. 

This exercise helps with speed development as well as your explosive and reactive power.  

Do 3 sets of 10 Step Over Sprints each side. 

For a harder challenge, superset all these exercise to help bail you out of trouble. 

*All how-to information was provided by Martin Guyer and Momentum Movement