The Ultimate Jacket and Pant combination, the 8120 Pant and Shelter Parka, is here.

VAIL, Colo.—October 28, 2020—Developing a product with extensive feedback from SYNC's network of athletes is the highest priority for the brand. The reason being, is it creates a seamless experience from head to toe with every product in the lineup, meaning every piece is created and designed to fit and work well with the specific other pieces. The Shelter Parka and the 8120 ski pant is the epitome of the perfect compliment.

Here's why:

Years ago, we worked with teams such as, The University of Denver, Team America, and Redneck Racing to gather a global perspective on the perfect top outerwear pieces for a ski racer. This led to a jacket and pant combination built to withstand the harsh elements of the East Coast, the UV degradation of the Western Rocky Mountains, and the variable conditions on European glaciers. Of course every jacket and pant is BOMBER, right? Well, not all are created equal. Spending the time with these athletes, we identified a few main qualities that proved to be dealbreakers for any ski wear, durability, warmth, and mobility, and set out to improve the status quo in the current market.

First off, durability. The most important aspect of any jacket that needs to be relied upon for multiple years on end, especially athletes training or skiing 150+ days per year. (Not to mention, it helps avoid the landfill.) The Shelter Parka and 8120 fabric (yes, they share the same fabric) is woven on the same machine as automobile airbags. Can you believe that?! Think about it, airbags have insane protection qualities, being able to withstand sharp metal objects, shards of glass, and anything else a car crash entails. We thought this was fitting since a double ejection can often resemble a car crash! That tightly knit woven fabric has proven to stand the test of time so far, with iterations year over year that keep improving the technical qualities of the fabric in order to achieve the highest durability rating possible. Making the jacket look just as good on day 500 as it did on day 0.

Quality number two is warmth. These athletes who travel globally year-round experience harsh temperatures in the early mornings before the sun comes up, and need to be able to regulate heat for that 20-30 degree temperature fluctuation throughout the day. That's why partnering with a respected supplier in Primaloft to work together on an innovative insulation technology that helps do just that, regulate heat, became a massive priority. In addition, providing an insulation that can retain heat even if they get caught in an East coast "wintry-mix" and end up wetter than anticipated. The solution, a top-tier insulation, coupled with all the pit-zips and side-zips to keep the athlete comfortable, dry, and focused for extended days on the hill.

Arguably, the first two qualities were the easiest. Satisfying warmth and durability, required using the skill set we had developed over many years working with fabric and insulation suppliers. The crux became the third, mobility. Requiring extensive commentary from athletes on countless chairlift rides and ski days with athletes.

Developing product with warmth and durability doesn't necessarily set this apart, it's the massive amount of stretch and mobility built into the fabric and construction of the Shelter Parka and 8120 Ski Pant that put them a step ahead. A durable, all-way stretch fabric that aids the athlete to move as freely as they want, resulting in extreme focus and confidence to work on their skiing and forget about the stuff that isn't important.

Created together, with all this mind, the Shelter Parka and 8120 pant simplify the skiing experience while amplifying every performance element required to put out maximum effort and have a blast while doing it.