Since 2014, SYNC has assembled a team of junior ski racers to support each season. From the over 400 applicants, we choose 12 who demonstrate the ability to excel at ski racing while also balancing their school work and being an active member in their community. SYNC Team alumni have gone on to race in World Cups, Europa Cups and become NCAA Champions. We are proud to support such a talented group of up and coming ski racers.

"The SYNC team consists of promising young ski racers who demonstrate the ability to excel on and off the mountain. With the help of these exceptional athletes, SYNC is able to put performance above all other measurement and deliver a unique product built for the athlete."

Geof Ochs, SYNC Co-Founder and Team Manager

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SYNC Team Members

Carissa Cassidy - 2002
Harrison DiGangi - 2002
Tom Hoffman - 2002
Sammi Trudeau - 2002
Tea Kiesel - 2003
Sophia Tozzi - 2003
Jackson Leever - 2008

Tatum Grosdidier - 2004
Harry Hoffman - 2004
Pedro Holscher - 2004 
Nick Kirwood - 2004
Kjersti Moritz - 2004
Liv Moritz - 2004
Oscar Preisler - 2004