10% of sales donation program

Grassroots support of mountain sports is a fundamental building block for SYNC Performance. The goal is to make a positive impact on the development journey of athletes from the youngest level to wherever they reach. We call it "Elevate the Athlete"

It's easy to participate - select a partner organization at the time of checkout from the drop down. We offer the chance to donate 10% of all sales online at syncperformance.com and through custom/group sales to support the following partners. 

Non-Profit Partners

Our non-profit partners are selected based on impacts to mountain sports athletes - we are proud to offer these organizations support through your help in allocating a 10% of sales to them.

Berlack & Astle Fast Skier Junior Alpine Scholarship Fund

From inception a decade ago, the Berlack and Astle Fast Skier Junior Alpine Award (formerly called The Fast Skier Junior Alpine Scholarship Fund), has recognized young alpine ski athletes who excel both on and off the race hill. Solid character, compassion for others, community involvement, along with passion for and commitment to their sport are the traits leaders of the fund have looked for and found in all of their past winners. This organization hopes to help deserving ski racers defray some of the high costs associated with participating in their sport.

High Fives Foundation

The High Fives Foundation supports the dreams of outdoor sports athletes by raising injury prevention awareness while providing resources and inspiration to those who suffer life-altering injuries. High Fives has successfully raised funds, secured alternative treatments, and aided in recovery of 169 athletes from 31 states since 2009. With the vision of being the safety net of the outdoor sports community, High Fives has disbursed over $2.7 million in board-approved Empowerment Grants and was named the 2011 Non-Profit of the Year by the Truckee Donner Chamber of Commerce.

Kelly Brush Foundation

The Kelly Brush Foundation (KBF) is dedicated to making active lifestyles a reality for those who have experienced a spinal cord injury. They offer the inspiration to believe and the grants to enable anyone to buy the equipment they need to get out and go. But the KBF funds more than just recreation because when you're out there on the hill, road or trail, as your heart rate rises and you feel the wind on your face, disability fades away. An active lifestyle forges connections with others, both new friends and old, in and out of a chair.

National Winter Activity Center

The NWAC is the only dedicated facility in North America that focuses on improving the lives of youth through winter activities. We deliver through our Elev8 Programs (Learn & Compete) which provides instruction, healthy meals, mentoring and equipment. Participants master Alpine and Nordic skills in addition to having the choice to compete at any level.

World Cup Dreams Foundation

World Cup Dreams Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created by former U.S. Ski Team members Erik Schlopy and Bryon Friedman. The Foundation is focused on helping our nation's best alpine skiers realize their athletic dreams and goals through mentorship and financial support. https://worldcupdreams.org/

Vermont Alpine Racing Association

The Vermont Alpine Racing Association's vision is to keep ski racing first in Vermont and Vermont ski racers first in the world. VARA supports this vision by creating programs that are athletically and educationally based, which will facilitate the development of Vermont skiers into world-class medalists and life-long enthusiasts of the sport.

VARA's programs include, but are not limited to, The Vermont Celebration of Ski Racing Gala, VARA Golf Classic, over 100 event races for all age groups and State Championship events for all age groups. VARA also provides Coach and Alpine Official Education Programs and $24,000-$30,000 in financial assistance including Merit scholarships and direct athlete aid for Vermont/VARA member ski racers.

Fjellbarn Fund

The aim of FJELLBARN is to help individuals and families afford the cost of any sports program in the Vail Valley. It is our belief that no child or athlete should ever have to forego the opportunity to participate in a sport or be denied to live out an athletic dream, simply because they cannot afford it. https://fjellbarnfund.org/

Protect Our Winters (POW)

Protect Our Winters (POW) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Founded by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007, POW turns passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates.POW leads a community of athletes, thought pioneers and forward-thinking business leaders to affect systemic political solutions to climate change. For more information, visit www.protectourwinters.org


Teams and Clubs

These organizations pledge to use donations to help individual athletes develop. Whether by providing opportunities and support for post-collegiate racers pursuing World Cup dreams or providing scholarships to expand access to the sport, these partner teams and clubs are grateful for your support.

Team America Foundation

The Team America Foundation enhances elite development in American ski racing by providing athletes and organizations with the support necessary to achieve success on national and international levels. Feedback on equipment and apparel from TA athletes is vital to our product development. 

Junior Team America

Junior Team America is a collaboration between the Team America Foundation and Ski and Snowboard Club Vail to provide and fund additional training opportunities for recognized athletes. The Junior Team America programming and support identifies Ski and Snowboard Club Vail athletes on track toward international success and provides the incremental differentiated training critical to their progress. These athletes primarily train with their respective SSCV peers during the winter, but in the other seasons the Team America Foundation supports the costs of supplemental training for these athletes not provided by SSCV. This can include summer camps in New Zealand, Chile, and Europe as well as early-season training in Colorado.

Redneck Racing

Redneck Racing is a professional alpine ski racing team that provides its athletes with appropriate resources to excel at the top level of competition. Notable members include Robby Kelley, Julia Ford, and Tucker Marshall. Their funds are allocated in an efficient manner in order to optimize their personal athletic potential by allowing them financial flexibility. They are a network of dedicated athletes that apply connections to leverage resources for further development of their members. Their goal as a group is to compete at the highest level of their sport and advocate for the pursuit of athletic achievements in a viable and effective way. 

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail

Founded in 1962, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) is the Vail Valley's oldest nonprofit. Today, the club remains true to its roots by instilling the values of, "character, courage and commitment" through mentorship of more than 650 young athletes who participate in its on-snow programs. The organization provides training and competition services for aspiring snowsport athletes across 5 snowsport disciplines: alpine, freeski, moguls, nordic and snowboard. 


The SYNC Team is made up of some of the most dedicated mountain athletes across North America. They represent dedication, grit, and outstanding character from the club level to the World Cup stage. SYNC Team athletes are provided with the resources to support their individual lifecycle as an elite-level athlete in order to help them achieve their full potential. The SYNC Team provides valuable feedback to our R&D department and demonstrates the "performance first" mantra of SYNC.


Size Chart


*Note: All sizes in inches.

Adult Race Suits & Stealth Top:
Height 51-57 57-63 64-67 68-70 70-73 73-75
Weight (Lbs.) 61-84 85-115 116-150 151-175 176-199 200-224+
Adult Stretch Puffy:                
Men Chest Around 34-36 37-39 40-42 43-45 46-48
Men Sleeve Length 31.5 32.5 33.5 34.5 35
Woman Chest Around 31-32 33-34 35-36 38-40 42-45
Woman Sleeve Length 29 30-30.5 31 32 33
Adult Clothing:                
Chest 31-33 34-36 37-39 40-42 43-45 46-48 49-51
Waist 24-25 26-28 29-31 32-34 35-37 38-40 41-43
Sleeve Length 29.5 31.5 32.5 33.5 34.5 35 35.75
Inseam  –  – 31.5 32 32.5 33 33.5
Chest 31 32 33-34 35-36 38-40 42.45
Waist 23.5 24.5 25.5-26.5 27.5-29 30.5-33 35-37
Hip 34 35 36-37 38-39.5 41-43.5 45-48
Sleeve Length 29 29.5 30-30.5 31 32 33
Inseam 31 31.5 32 32.5 33 – 
Height 43-49 51-57 57-63  43-49  51-57      



*Note: All sizes in inches.

Kids Race Suits: 8/10  10/12  12/14  XXS  XS
Height 43-49 51-57 57-63  43-49  51-57
Weight (Lbs.) 60 61-84 85-115  60  61-84
Kids Clothing:  8  10  12  14  16
Chest 27 28.5 30 31.5  33
Waist 23 24 25 26


Inseam 25 26 27 28  29