Ski racing cut resistant layers

We know it is a urgent issue and at SYNC, we are working, along with others in the ski racing community, to address it and protect ski racers to make the sport safer.

Within a year of SYNC's founding in 2014, one of our junior SYNC Team race athletes suffered a season ending injury from a severe cut. This prompted us to begin work on solutions to cut resistant safety gear that would still perform at a high level. With several scary and high profile cut events during 2018, inquiries into cut resistant technology are increasing.

The question in your head is probably "what's taking so long?"

In addition to the normal design process for ski apparel, developing a piece of safety apparel with cut resistant properties adds the following complexities:

- Limited fabric options

- Testing procedures to comply with several standards on cut resistance

- Interaction with FIS suit standards

- Athletes regarding cut resistant layers as restrictive and uncomfortable

- General lack of aggregated data on cut injuries

Far from going at this alone in a secret lab, we are open and willing to work with anyone in the ski racing community, and others such as speed skating, hockey, and construction, on input and testing. SYNC does not believe rushing a product to market with incomplete research and effectiveness testing is an option. We have several prototypes currently in testing and know we need to toe the line between testing and addressing an issue in a timely manner.

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Thanks - the SYNC team