Since 2014, SYNC has assembled a team of junior ski racers to support each season. From the over 400 applicants, we choose 12 who demonstrate the ability to excel at ski racing while also balancing their school work and being an active member in their community. SYNC Team alumni have gone on to race in World Cups, Europa Cups and become NCAA Champions. We are proud to support such a talented group of up and coming ski racers.

"The SYNC team consists of promising young ski racers who demonstrate the ability to excel on and off the mountain. With the help of these exceptional athletes, SYNC is able to put performance above all other measurement and deliver a unique product built for the athlete."

Geof Ochs, SYNC Co-Founder and Team Manager

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SYNC Team Members

Alison Cornelius - 2002
Cooper Puckett - 2003
Dasha Romanov - 2003
Fletcher Holm - 2002
Ava Sunshine Jemison - 2002

Gabi Holm - 2002
Jack Reich - 2002
Jordan Simon - 2003 
Jay Poulter - 2003
Jordan Simon - 2003
Nick Kirkwood - 2004
Sophia Tozzi - 2003

The SYNC Athlete Fund is designed to help athletes push limits, challenge the status quo, and strive for that which is beyond the horizon. In the Fall of 2019, The SYNC Athlete Fund awarded $50,000 worth of grants to athlete for the 2019/20 season.

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SYNC Athlete Fund Alumni

Aidan Steffe
Alix Wilkinson
Caroline Jones
Chase Seymour
Cole Palchak
Conor Hogan 

Curtis Wheeler
Dasha Romanov
Drew Duffy
Ella Dingman
Emma Hall
Foreste Peterson

Isaiah Nelson
Jacob Dilling
Joshua Rosenberg
Kaitlyn Harsch
Luca Robillard
Nicolas Unkovskoy
Patricia Mangan

Patrick Coughlin
Robert Underhill
Sam DuPratt
Storm Klomhaus
Trey Seymour
Tucker Marshall
Wiley Maple

At SYNC Performance we are proud to support skiing and mountain sports professionals. Our SYNC Ambassador Pro Program offers support through special pricing to qualified individuals.

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Current SYNC Ambassadors

Abi Jewett
Brian Mclaughlin
Chris Bivona
Cooper Cornelius
Emma Resnick

George Steffey
Kyle Negomir
Michael Ankeny
Nolan Kasper
Resi Stiegler
Sam Morse

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