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Cut Resistant Base Layer

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    The All-New Cut Resistant Base Layer Is The Next Generation Of Ski Racing Safety Equipment.

    Freedom of movement and safety are two paramount pillars of participating in a high-intensity sport like ski racing. Whether you spend 150 days on snow per year or slug it out on the weekends at the World Pro Ski Tour. All athletes are enduring the same feeling on the hill, restriction of movement is the enemy, and increased confidence in the start gate leads to better performance on the course.

    6 Years In The Making.

    Since the inception of SYNC, we have been approached by athletes, parents, coaches, and club administrators about the requirements of a cut base layer. These injuries have become increasingly common every season and the risks associated with ski racing have exponentially increased since improved tuning techniques have cascaded down from the World Cup to the junior level.

    Close To Home.

    Since our first SYNC Team athlete had a career-threatening injury 5 years ago, we have been working directly with our fabric mills to create a proprietary fabric unique to SYNC, that implements all the feedback from athletes, including, breathability, mobility, and protection. Due to these unique athlete requirements, this has been the most challenging innovation to date for the brand. 

    Attention To Detail.

    After 20+ prototypes and countless iterations with a multitude of fabric variations, the SYNC Cut Resistant Base Layer combines coverage from the hip and glutes through the thigh to the calf with a break at the bend in the knee for increased mobility. Working with our partner fabric mills to help them understand this unique problem and inherently risky sport, we were able to innovate on the current cut-resistant fabric options to produce an innovative solution that will help protect athletes and keep them doing what they love to do.

    Peace Of Mind.

    Forget the stress and anxiety every time you take the hill. With the cut-resistant base layer, you can focus on your performance every turn and move the way you need without risking your career every turn.

    The Cut Resistant Base Layer is for those athletes who want to maintain freedom of movement through each turn and want increased protection on the most exposed parts of their legs. Perfect for athletes training at a high level while still protecting themselves from injury.

    Testing and Fabric Specifications

    The proprietary cut-resistant fabric is comprised up of a Dyneema®/Fiberglass blend, which we independently tested domestically and internationally through verified testing facilities.

    Fabric Composition: Cut Resistant Dyneema Blended Knit- 43%POLYETHYLENE HT (Dyneema®)/ 43% Nylon / 14% FIBERGLASS

    • European Norm Certified EN:388:2016 Level 4
    • American Norm Certified ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Level A3

    Benefits of Dyneema®

    • High Strength: On a weight for weight basis, Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than steel
    • Water-resistant: Dyneema® is hydrophobic and does not absorb water, meaning it remains light when working in wet conditions
    • UV Resistant: Dyneema® has very good resistance to photodegradation, maintaining its performance when exposed to UV light, unlike Kevlar.

    Additional Base Layer Details

    • Breathable mesh lining with anti-microbial, wicking, quick-dry technology
    • Flat drawcord waistband for extra security and reduced movement while skiing
    • Flat seaming
    • Easy care

    Care Instructions

    Machine wash cold, no bleach, tumble dry low. No dry clean. 

    PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: We acknowledge that no product on the market can be entirely "cut-proof" and do not claim the SYNC Cut Resistant Base Layer is resistant to all cuts and slices. We have thoroughly tested our fabrics at international facilities on regulated testing machines to achieve the ratings we have, but this does not mean it will eliminate all lacerations while skiing.

    Customer Reviews

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    Melanie Bonin
    Safe and Comfortable

    Bought these for my 9yo son (XXS) And 11yo daughter (XS). They were them over their baselayer, and under their race suit. They feel comfortable and allows them to move freely, which is great for a cut resistant layer, plus it adds warmth! And as a parent, having protection is key! Will buy again when they outgrow!

    Declan G
    The greatest cut resistant pants!

    The pants are worth your money. they are comfortable, great fit, and are made of great quality. I would definitely recommend these pants.

    Martha Zipp
    Comfortable and strong

    This layer is so soft and comfortable that you don’t realize you have a cut resistance layer on.

    Amy Varnerin
    Unfortunately doesn’t fit curvy body type

    We liked the material, but unfortunately they are not meant for curvy women’s bodies.

    Preston Cornella

    Love these base layers not only are they protective but they are also warm. if you are looking at purchasing this I would suggest maybe sizing up, it’s not the most flexible material and if not sized properly can be a task to put on

    ★ Why SYNC?

    Don't Just Take Our Word For It

    1078 reviews
    Warmest Jacket Ever

    Read title. Fantastic quality. Couldn't think of anything more it needs.

    Great Race Suit!

    Well made suit, durable material, perfect fit
    (5’7”, 115#…size Small), with padding in all the right places. Nice work, Sync!

    Championship Jacket
    Stephen Francis

    Hi! We haven't had much snow in California yet so I have not had a chance to use my championship jacket yet. But it looks well constructed and I will let you know once I get out on the hill. BTW, last year I bought a long sleeve quarter zipper base layer which I love for hikes. I bought the fleece pants which I really love for winter hikes and hanging at the house. The front pocket sustained a wearing out with a hole in it now. That is a bummer but overall I have been very happy with all of your products. I am also an aging sometimes Masters racer at 61. When I was the age of the average Sync racer we did not have the sort of culture you have created for the racers and I love what you have done in this regard. Cheers!


    This jacket is beautiful and has a great fit. It is thick and substantial in weight, fitted nicely through the waist so it gives a nice shape, has lots of pockets, zippers appear to be heavy duty, and it's a nice color. Have not yet tested it skiing but I know it will hold up and be warm. I'm allergic to down, so the synthetic primaloft is great and hopefully the water resistance is very high. There are only 2 things I would change: maybe a tad more stretch in the shell fabric, and I really don't need the faux fur on the removable hood. This appears to be a serious skiers jacket. For reference I'm 5'8" and 130lbs but ordered a womens large so I could layer when needed and cinch up a bit when not. As a Northern Midwest skier we get a lot of wet and stormy days, with lots of racing, so hoping this holds up in the worst of it. Thanks SYNC!

    Finally found the perfect jacket!

    I have been looking for the perfect jacket for a while and finally found it! It fits perfectly. Style and great looks meets functionality and warmth!