JBL Adult Race Suit - Black

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    • New for 2019/2020, the JBL Suit brings together a fresh design with an updated non-pilling fabric. The pattern is a collaboration between 2018 SYNC Cup winner and our graphic team, resulting in a suit 100% racer driven in technical features and style. Armed with a new Swiss super fabric from our trusted fabric mill partner, Eschler, that offers the same performance with anti-pilling properties - reducing a common problem faced by racers everywhere and extending the life of the suit. Anatomically placed ISOARMOR padding (removable if separate padding is your preference) and functional seam design honed in by input from SYNC athletes make the Kellen a great partner for racers pushing to improve.
    • Eschler 3 layer Anti-Pill e3 Protection fabric
      Anatomic pattern and design for freedom of movement
      Strategically placed ISOARMOR padding on the arm, back, and legs for ultimate protection
      Leg hem gripper tape for a secure fit
      The SYNC Kellen Adult Race Suit conforms to FIS specifications CS 2015.

    The SYNC JBL Adult Race Suit conforms to FIS specifications CS 2015.



    Awesome! You are looking at purchasing a SYNC ski race suit. Refer to our size chart here: Size Chart. We ALWAYS advise fitting for height first. If you fall in between sizes, please email for info@syncperformance.com for help. Also, remember your suit will be the tightest it will ever be right out of the bag. So if you feel like 10lbs of sausage in a 5lb bag in your brand new suit, be patient, it will break-in with use over time and end up fitting like a glove!

    If you are still having issues with fit, sometimes removing the padding in certain locations can improve fit. Especially depending on what you wear underneath your suit. A padded stealth top can provide increased protection and more mobility. This is the way the SYNC staff prefers to modify their suits: Remove all top pads (keep the legs pads) and then layer underneath the race suit with a padded stealth top.


    Ski racing suits can be washed. Follow the care label for instructions. However, best practices are to turn the suit inside out and wash on the delicate cycle using a detergent made for delicate fabrics such as Woolite. Lay the suit flat to dry. The abuse it will get in a dryer is equivalent to a month of hard use.


    Training in a form-fitting jacket and training shorts is a great way to prolong the life of your suit. Make sure these items fit tight to your body. Wearing a loose jacket in a 40 second GS course can amount to a two-second difference in your time. Loose and baggy clothing changes your speed and timing and does not mimic how you ski on race day. SYNC training jackets and pants are thoughtfully built for this purpose with a wind-resistant material on the body and stretch nylon panels through the arms and shoulders for great fit and durability.


    The Proper storage and care for your ski racing suit are critical to having it last season after season and perform well for that entire time. Here are a few tips to prolong the life and enhance the performance of your ski racing suit.

    • AVOID VELCRO! Velcro is the enemy and will destroy your suit faster than anything else.
    • Do not stuff your ski racing suit into your pack by itself, use a pillowcase or similar soft bag and then place inside your gear bag.
    • Wash your suit inside out and lay flat to dry.
    • Train in a form-fitting jacket and training shorts for added coverage.

    Size Chart


    *Note: All sizes in inches.

    Adult Race Suits & Stealth Top:
    Height 51-57 57-63 64-67 68-70 70-73 73-75
    Weight (Lbs.) 61-84 85-115 116-150 151-175 176-199 200-224+
    Adult Stretch Puffy:                
    Men Chest Around 34-36 37-39 40-42 43-45 46-48
    Men Sleeve Length 31.5 32.5 33.5 34.5 35
    Woman Chest Around 31-32 33-34 35-36 38-40 42-45
    Woman Sleeve Length 29 30-30.5 31 32 33
    Adult Clothing:                
    Chest 31-33 34-36 37-39 40-42 43-45 46-48 49-51
    Waist 24-25 26-28 29-31 32-34 35-37 38-40 41-43
    Sleeve Length 29.5 31.5 32.5 33.5 34.5 35 35.75
    Inseam  –  – 31.5 32 32.5 33 33.5
    Chest 31 32 33-34 35-36 38-40 42.45
    Waist 23.5 24.5 25.5-26.5 27.5-29 30.5-33 35-37
    Hip 34 35 36-37 38-39.5 41-43.5 45-48
    Sleeve Length 29 29.5 30-30.5 31 32 33
    Inseam 31 31.5 32 32.5 33 – 
    Height 43-49 51-57 57-63  43-49  51-57      



    *Note: All sizes in inches.

    Kids Race Suits: 8/10  10/12  12/14  XXS  XS
    Height 43-49 51-57 57-63  43-49  51-57
    Weight (Lbs.) 60 61-84 85-115  60  61-84
    Kids Clothing:  8  10  12  14  16
    Chest 27 28.5 30 31.5  33
    Waist 23 24 25 26


    Inseam 25 26 27 28  29


    Kids sizes that are equivalent to adult sizes: