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2023/2024 SYNC Athlete Fund Recipients

Photo Credit Matt Power

 What is the SYNC Athlete Fund?

Established in 2019, the SYNC Athlete Fund, or SAF, provides direct funding to athletes, removing financial obstacles in their journey to the top. The mission of this fund is to build a better future for the sport of ski racing by inspiring, empowering, and supporting the next generation of racers. SAF was established to provide financial support to athletes that demonstrate the potential to be elite and would otherwise not be able to afford basic necessities such as coaching, travel, and equipment to reach higher performance levels and rankings.

2023/2024 SYNC Athlete Fund

In its fifth year, The SYNC Athlete Fund committee has selected 39 athletes to receive $50,000 in grants, supporting their dreams to pursue ski racing at the highest level and push towards their goals. The selection of these athletes was based mainly on speed, financial need, quality of application responses, and their letter of recommendations that were provided. The athletes selected best fit the SAF mission and would clearly benefit from this financial support.

Photo Credit: Neil Kerr and Ian Beckley

The goal of the SYNC Athlete Fund is to provide financial support to athletes with potential to be elite who have demonstrated financial need and would not otherwise be able to afford basic necessities like coaching, travel and equipment to achieve even higher performance levels and rankings. Just as important as athletic success, the opportunity to compete and attain the highest achievement in sport prepares athletes for leadership roles now and in the future and provides a platform to serve as role models for their peer athletes and communities. Working with these high-level athletes helps shape our brand and the products we create and we can't wait to continue to learn and develop with this group throughout the season.

2023/2024 SAF Athlete Recipients

Western Athletes

Storm Klomhaus

Carson Hume

Galena Wardle

Jeremy Nolting

Hunter Salani

Jacob Dilling

Trey Seymour

Audrey Crowley

Lila Lapanja

Caroline Jones

Mattias Wilson

Lucy Wirth

Avryl Haas

Eastern Athletes

Patrick Kenney

Tim Gavett

Brian McLaughlin

Jimmy Krupka

Mia Hunt

Annika Hunt

Tommy Kenosh

Samantha Trudeau

Tucker Bell

Benjamin Beckerman

Ava Anderson

Ava Bachta

Midwest Athletes

Joshua Nelson

Jevin Palmquist

Sophia Palmquist

Trevor Palmquist

International Athletes

Stefanie Fleckenstein

Eleri Smart

Simon Fournier

Sierra Coe

Kendra Giesbrecht

Tomas Birkner de Miguel

Congrats to all the athlete recipients!