3/4 step-Through™ Construction

Race Ready Instantly... Warm Again in seconds

Every Pant and Short we make features our 3/4 Step-Through™ construction design, which places the zipper just short of the waistband so you don’t have to try to connect the zipper at the top. To warm up without the hassle, just step right in and zip down. 

WHY we built it

It was a cold, windy morning at Burke, Geof (our founder), was trying to get his pants on over his suit and fumbling because he couldn’t get the snow-filled zippers to connect. It was freezing out, the wind was howling, and he was having to take his gloves off (instant frostbite) to try and put the zipper together.

Never again. That's why we built the fastest solution, to end all cold weather zipper issues.

The Speed Test

3/4 Step Through Pants V.S. Traditional Full Side Zip Ski Pants