But why doesn't it go all the way up? Let us explain the EasyStep zipper design found on Men's, Women's, and Kid's versions of the Top Step and 8120 pant.

SYNC's approach to product design is to go to the hill. We talk to athletes, and observe them train.

Over the years, we noticed racers struggling with traditional designed, full side zip pants over and over. On cold, 10 degree days, the old pants are easy enough to take off. The zippers both go all the way to the top, both legs separate, pants are thrown off in a pile, and away you go. It's been that way forever.

However, what happens at the bottom of the course is what caught our eye. Shaking from adrenaline, fingers cold and limited by gloves, we saw racers struggle to connect the zippers back together in order to put their pants back on.The more you struggle, the colder you get. 

Light bulb. What is we stopped the zipper a few inches short of the waist, meaning that instead of tearing off the pant like a basketball player, you step out of them one leg at a time?

This means at the bottom of the hill, no fumbling to reconnect the zipper. It's easy. EasyStep. No taking off your gloves. Get warmer, faster, and focus on what you learned from the run.

Little design details like this, based on input from top racers across the country show that at SYNC, it's not about us, it's about the athlete.