SYNC Staff Member + Former NCAA Athlete Rachael DesRochers chatted with SYNC NCAA Team Member Sammi Trudeau to learn a little bit more about her background and goals for the season and beyond.

Hey! Thanks for chatting with me today. Do you mind telling us your name, age, where you’re from, and who you ski for? 

Hi! I am Sammi Trudeau, I am 20 years old, I am originally from Colorado but went to high school in Vermont and I now ski for Dartmouth. 

So you were born in Toronto, do you have dual citizenship?

I do! But I did choose to ski for the U.S. over Canada. 

You went to both Burke and GMVS, what aspects of those academies helped you the most with your skiing? 

Burke taught me a lot about grit, hard work, you know dedication, and overall competitiveness. This has really helped me push through the pain and hard times and just be resilient. I really appreciated GMVS because they really strove for team culture and they had mastered the balance between academics and athletics. I was hurt for a lot of my time at GMVS, so I didn’t spend a ton of time skiing, but they had amazing facilities and physical therapists to help me get back to skiing.

How is your season going? Has the Carnival Circuit been treating you well?

This year has been tough, weather-wise, for the East. I have raced in the rain more than I have not raced in the rain. That was definitely a challenging aspect of this last season since my time in Colorado made me forget what it was like to ski with rain on my goggles. I am also a skier who struggles when I can’t see. To add to that, going into the Carnival circuit without any carnival points and starting 31st adds another challenge. Not to mention you are now on a team where finishing becomes essential adding to the pressure of it all. But these teammates are your biggest supporters which makes everything better. 

What is the toughest thing about essentially racing every weekend for six weeks? 

For me what was the hardest was that most of my math exams were on Wednesday nights from 6-9 pm, and the team leaves for races on Thursday afternoons after my classes and training, so once my math exams were completed I still had to tune all my skis, pack all my stuff, and finish any homework I had due. Managing all that was difficult and I never wanted to sacrifice anything but one race I ended up forgetting my ski socks and I had to race in ankle socks for two days, but I’ll take that over missing an assignment!


What are you majoring in?

At Dartmouth, we don’t declare our majors until Sophomore year, but I am wanting to major in Data Science. So a mixture of math, computer science, and Econ. 

Dartmouth has lots of traditions, what is your favorite?

Good question but I am not sure how much I can share. There is this tradition where we have 3 different lineages, which date back to around 2006, and I am a part of the SuperWoman family or lineage. There is this costume that gets passed down and this tradition happens around Halloween weekend. 

You have an older sister who just recently retired and also skied for Dartmouth. I know she has experienced injuries, but how has she helped you navigate school?

I love this question! Honestly having Bri at school absolutely made my Freshman year because she was able to answer all these little questions I had and help me navigate the school. Not a lot of people get that and so it was incredibly helpful. skiing-wise, she was the team captain this year, and she kept me in check but was also super supportive. But I got no special treatment!

How has she also influenced your skiing growing up?

Growing up she was always a great person to chase while also being my biggest supporter. Definitely sad that she won’t be racing anymore.

What are your goals for skiing in college?

You know, I’ve never been one to really set goals. Whenever I have set goals, it has created these nerves and anxieties that I don’t think help my skiing but just because I don’t set any doesn’t mean I don’t want to improve or succeed. I do have technical goals like putting pressure on my outside ski. 

Was there a coach growing up that you really connected with and why?

Yes! There was a coach at Vail when I was young named Rika Moore. As a kid, I just loved to ski, I never got cold and maybe that was because I had a little extra on me but whenever other girls would go in due to the cold, Rika was always psyched to stay out and ski with me. She was just super passionate about skiing as much as you could. 

Do you have a favorite place you have ever traveled to for skiing?

I love Zermatt! It definitely holds a special place in my heart. I went there when I was 10 and I got to go back there when I did return to snow. I just think it is such a cute village with beautiful views and it’s sunny on the glacier. 

How has being on the SYNC NCAA Team helped you?

I love being on the SYNC NCAA Team because every time I see the other athletes who are on it, it’s a great way to start a conversation with them and connect over being on the team. Also one of my teammates, Oliver Morgan is also on it and we have helped each other out with photos and whatnot. Besides that, equipment-wise, SYNC has provided me with the essentials I need to succeed, like it’s a rainy year and what am I going to do without my Element Rain Shell. Plus providing this equipment helps immensely on the financial side of things, ski racing is expensive!

What are your favorite SYNC products?

The Session Short for sure, I’ve also heard rumblings about a Women’s specific short and I know that’s going to be a game changer. My second favorite product is the suits! Don’t even get me started on non-padded suits. The SYNC suit pads are better than any of the suits I’ve had, I don’t get bruised, and they cover your knees for slalom.

What races are left for you this season? 

I have one more series. I am doing the Quebec Spring Series at Le Relais and Stoneham. 

How about some funny questions now. Where is the worst hotel you have stayed at for a ski race?

Oof. When I was a U14, I stayed at this hotel near Stratton and I left my face towel on the floor by accident and when I picked it up an army of ants came out from underneath it. It was awful. 

What resort has the best food? 

At GMVS, there is this food stand at the base area and they have these amazing bowls. 

What’s the best thing someone has yelled at you while you push out of the gate?

“Feed er’ the beans”. 

Ok last one, did you get any Carni Crushes this year? 

I did! Giving out Carni Crushes is a lot harder now than it used to be because they got rid of scoreboards, so you have to secretly put a heart on paper start lists that are up in the lodge. 

Sammi, as always, love chatting with you, and congrats on your first college season!