How-To Train: Top Drills for Powerful and Efficient GS Turns

In our second installment of the series How-To Train, former World Cup skier Miha Kürner, goes over 5 drills for more powerful and efficient GS turns.

Over the course of the winter, we will highlight drills that will impact your skiing for the better. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and be the first to know when a new video drops.


In our second video of the series How-To Train, Miha Kürner walked us through 5 drills that will help improve your GS turns to be more powerful and efficient.

1. Pole Plant Ready J-Turns

2. Thousand Steps Traverse

3. The Pac-Man

4. Lifted Inside Ski Sliding Turns

5. Pole-Plant Game

Incorporating these drills into your daily GS routine will help improve your balance and position throughout the turn.

Watch the full YouTube video above and follow along for more How-To Train videos throughout the winter season.