Introducing the SYNC Performance Junior Team Partners

The SYNC Junior Team is now powered by SHRED, Mountain Flow Eco-Wax, The Feed, and Dr. Jim Taylor for the 2023/2024 season.

To ensure our athletes have everything they need to perform at their best, we created partnerships that keep their heads protected, skis fast, bodies nurtured, and minds focused. Each partnership brings a unique ability to support a SYNC Junior Team Athlete's performance on race day, we thought these brands would be the perfect complement to the race gear that SYNC provides.

Shred Optics

SHRED's eyewear and protection products empower athletes by enhancing their confidence, helping them pursue their goals. SHRED will be providing helmets and goggles to our athletes who are thrilled for this partnership and will benefit from SHRED's protection this season.

Mountain Flow Eco-Wax

Mountain Flow Eco-Wax is a leader in eco-friendly plant based wax and they have developed race wax that is competitive with any fluoro race wax on the market. Mountain Flow will be providing our athletes with a wax kit to keep their skis fast throughout the season.

The Feed

The Feed provides nutrition, performance supplements, and recovery gear athletes need to get more out of their training and race days. We are thrilled our SYNC Junior Team Athletes are partnered with The Feed giving them the ability to build a nutritional package specific to their personal needs throughout the season and access to their nutrition experts.

"I’ve been wanting to get in touch with a dietitian for a little while now so I’m very excited about this."

- SYNC Athlete Gunnar Guilbert

Dr. Jim Taylor

Dr. Jim Taylor, an internationally renowned expert in performance psychology, sport, and parenting, brings his extensive ski racing experience to provide SYNC Junior Team athletes with weekly mind training. We're thrilled to have him partnering with our athletes this season to help them Get Their Minds in SYNC.

"I have been coming off injury and have been listening to Dr. Jim Taylor's online imagery sessions multiple times per week so this is so cool that I can finally work with him."

- SYNC Athlete Sierra Coe

We are ecstatic our SYNC Junior Team has partnered with these amazing brands and people for the 2023/2024 season. Each partner will positively impact our athletes to achieve their goals.

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