Hello Everyone, welcome back to the Weekly Stoke. Our Zoom session with Team X should have hopefully given you all some insight on how some of our top athletes are making it through such an unconventional season. This week, we will address another essential piece of the ski racing pie: equipment. There is no other sport that relies on equipment in the way ski racing does, and lugging your locker pack to and from the hill is enough to be a workout in itself with the amount of gear stuffed inside. Recently we tested out a few key items that will allow you to be ready for any adventure you set out on on the hill. 

Kit #1

The first look is for any cold day when you want to enjoy the perfect snow but keep your body believing it is on a beach somewhere sunny and 75. The Pano Jacket does just that with a long design that covers your butt while you are sitting on the chair and a hood perfect to fit right over your helmet. Combine this coat with a nice fitting pair of 8120 snow pants, and you are set to lap over and over without even realizing it is 10 below. The 8120 pant incorporates a unique design with ¾ side zippers that allow easy access in and out of the pant while also keeping you completely insulated. So instead of wasting your time hiding in the lodge, use this outfit to keep your precious time crushing the trails. 

Kit #2

For our racing readers, this next look is something you have been missing all along and needs to become a necessity in every bag moving forward. The Warmup Down Jacket and Pants pair together to offer warmth and the ability to move during a training session. The jacket has stretch fabric arms and a down chest. This provides complete warmth and also removes the fear of tears while you are out bashing gates. The pants are revolutionary! The ¾ length zip pants combine both down and stretch fabric so that you can keep your legs warm without losing too much time while you are running the wand. In addition to the warmth, the length of the pant allows you to reach your buckles still and have easy access to tighten your boots without having to wrestle with your layers. So if any of these outfits strike you as a must-have, I would easily say this is hands down one of the best. 

Kit #3

When you are training on those beautiful sunny days, this 3rd outfit is the one for you. The Session Race Shorts aren’t an overall best seller for nothing. The shorts are designed to fit tightly and stay out of your way while you are training. The durable fabric and strong zippers make these shorts ready to face the elements, the gates, and the crashes. They move with you and allow you to arc turns and feel absolutely no resistance. These shorts pair exceptionally with the SYNC training jacket and allow you to have an extra layer without the extra bulk. 

Kit #4

Finally, there are always going to be those days when you need to wear just a suit! Whether or not you are prepping for a race or in a real starting gate, the SYNC Performance race suits will always give you the protection, style, and speed you need to get to that top step of the podium. Enough said!

Here are four new outfits and four ways to maximize your time on the slopes. Whether or not you are a racer looking for a training edge or a freeskier ready to look the best and stay the warmest, these pairings will give you everything you need. Hopefully these insights help you with some mid-season decisions to make this new year all that it is meant to be. 

Catch you all next week :)