Alix Wilkinson, from Squaw Valley and a member of the D Team, takes some time to talk with us about all things ski racing. Before the season came to a close she was dominating the Nor-Am Cup circuit and gunning for World Cup starts.

Q: So where did you grow up skiing?

A: I was born in and grew in Mammoth for the first part of my life. This is where I learned to ski. When I was 9 I moved to Park City and continued to ski there. After some time there, I eventually moved to Squaw Valley which is where I ski now.

Q: What is your favorite discipline and why?

A: My favorite discipline is Super G. I love Super G because you have the flowy style of GS but you get to go faster than GS. I also like it because of how sendy you have to get. You only have one run so you have to absolutely go for it.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: I can't say I see myself anywhere specific in five years. Who knows what will happen in these next few years. I want to just focus on what's happening now and see where I'll end up.

Q: What is one fun fact that many friends, teammates, and coaches don't know about you?

A: I am terrible with spicy foods, almost everything with a slight hint of spice feels like it burns. I even think Pico de Gallo is spicy.

Q: If you could give yourself one piece of advice when you first started racing what would it be?

A: Have fun and enjoy it. Sounds cliche but I think it's easy to get wrapped up in all the nuances of the sport and forget how rad skiing is.

Q: If you were not a ski racer what sport do you think you would pursue instead?

A: If I wasn't a ski racer I would definitely want to be a surfer. I've always wanted to be good at surfing and doing a sport where I get to be warm and hang out at the beach wouldn't be bad at all.

Q: Which World Cup race would you want to start in the most?

A: Cortina for sure. I've only heard good things about it. I love being in Italy because of all the pasta I get to eat and seeing the pictures from Cortina it looks like a stunning place. The track there also looks super fun!

Q: Can you walk us through your pre-race routine and describe how you mentally prepare?

A: I'd say my pre-race routine varies a little bit each day. Every day is different so you gotta feel it out. Usually, I like to get some free skiing and warm-up runs in before I race. After warming up If I'm feeling it I'll grab a coffee or a cookie before I head up for my run. Mentally I like to be relaxed but confident in my skiing that way when I step out of the gate I can send it.