We love talking to athletes throughout the season and this week we were lucky to sit down with young Canadian Athlete Cassidy Gray. She discusses how pressure got to her last season after an amazing start to World Cup racing the season before.

This season she plans on taking a step back to allow herself to focus on her best skiing rather than the pressure of results.


Hi, I went to the Killington Women’s World Cup races 21-22 and this years 22-23 races. I watch all of the races on Peacock and YouTube, quite frankly I’m a World Cup nerd, I freak my family out. I think it would be really cool if a behind the scenes video could be done of a World Cup weekend. Like what goes on at the top of the hill, what are some of the tech team decisions made right before a race. What are the race course prep and maintenance teams concerns during a race. Teams checking into their Hotels prior to the weekend. That kind of stuff. Am I the only one who’s interested in that kinda stuff? Like I said I’m a nerd.

— John Lawrence