early season training in Colorado

This preseason we gathered SYNC Athletes from across the country for an on-snow training day where athletes of each level could connect and learn from each other.

SYNC Performance - December 18th, 2022

Early this season we set out to bring all of our SYNC Athletes together to help them develop as a group and learn from one another. Athletes in attendance include multiple members of our NCAA team and our SYNC Junior team.

Watching these athletes train together reaffirmed to our SYNC staff why the athletes are the most important part of our brand. As they push their limits in the race course it helps us build new ideas and products that further their pursuit of success at the highest levels.

"It was great to ski with other SYNC Team members and speak to and learn from the NCAA athletes. Additionally, catching lift rides with the SYNC staff, asking them questions and learning about their backgrounds was extremely insightful"

- Josh Rosenberg, SYNC Junior Team

"I really enjoyed being able to get back on snow and training with an awesome group of new people! I hope to do it again in the future"

- Sophia Tozzi, SYNC NCAA Team