A strong start can shave hundredths of a second off your time, and in a tight race that can be the difference between scoring a win or landing outside the top ten. That's why this week Sawyer has three more exercises focusing on upper body and core strength to help you gain power out of the start gate.

Exercise #1: Pull-Ups

For this exercise you will need a pull-up bar.

Grab the pull-up bar in an overhand grip, slightly wider than shoulder width. Engage your shoulders and feel the lats pulling down and in as you go up. 

This exercise targets everything from your upper and middle back, to your biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest. 

To make this exercise easier, you can also use a box to help you start at the top, and slowly lower for 3 sets of 5.

Exercise #2: Wolverines

For this exercise, setup cables or bands at waist height. 

With a soft bend in your elbow, begin with your hands slightly behind your hips and then bring them out in front of you and up, with the movement finishing at chest height.

This exercise targets your upper back, chest, triceps, and rear shoulders. Do 3 sets of 10 Wolverines. 

Exercise #3: Dumbbell Pullovers

For this exercise you will need one dumbbell or kettlebell. 

Start out by laying on your back on a bench or on the floor. Pull the weight over from behind your head to around your thigh.

Keep control of the movement in both directions and limit the low back arch. This exercise will target your upper body but also incorporate your core.  

Do 3 sets of 10 Dumbbell Pullovers. 

Super set each exercise to improve your start this winter.

*All how-to information was provided by Martin Guyer and Momentum Movement