Kick Backs for Your Ski Team or Club

by Makayla Brown on April 03, 2019

SYNC Performance is focused on giving back to the sport of ski racing. Designing the high performance gear athletes need. Supporting independent race teams like Redneck Racing and athletes like Sam Morse and Brian McLaughlin. Sponsoring youth race series. And now, providing a way for clubs to earn financial support.

Race programs around the country are the heart and soul of the sport, and we wanted to reward these clubs and give them a chance to add some money to their bottom line.

That's why we are proud to launch the SYNC Kick Backs program. Similar to a "Box Tops for Education" or "REI Dividends", this program turns purchases of race items like side zip pants, training apparel, and packs into extra cash for your ski club.

The way it works is simple: the team manager applies to the SYNC Kick Backs program. From there, they can easily generate a custom link, or download creatives for use on the club website, emails, and social media. Any time a parent, coach, or racer clicks that link and purchases something through, 10% is returned to the club in a monthly payout. 

We don't mind if your custom team jackets are from SYNC or another brand - we know race athletes still need shorts, pants, pads, and bags to race, and we hope you and your members will consider purchasing those from SYNC, a small company founded with a mission to save ski racing. 

Help the race world discover us and find out about our mission at SYNC, and we will return the favor by supporting the local club right back. We think it's a win-win, and can't wait to start sending checks to your local club.

Key points:

    1. Think “Box Tops for Education”, "Amazon Smile", or "REI Dividends", but for Ski Racing
    2. No commitment, no cash outlay
    3. The goal is to support ski racing clubs, athletes
    4. Trackable URL link and premade creative for distribution to members via club website, emails, and social media
    5. See where you stand with a simple online dashboard of earnings

To get started, have your local club reach out to me, Makayla Brown, Team and Club Manager directly, or get a head start by filling out the SYNC Kick Backs program application and we'll get you going!



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Great Product

I wear them everyday, as I used to cut into my liners and skisocks on a regular basis and got scared to cut open my calves. They fit well and also keep your calves warm and snow free when you decide to not put your suit above your boot in slalom.

Essential for any racer

Perfect for training and keeping the elements off. Lightweight and great fit. Essential piece of clothing to keep in your bag at all times.

Men's 8120 Insulated Pant

Great quality, warm, functional, & good looking. What more do you want? I love this pant.

Best Bag Ever!!

Ski racing is one of those sports where you are always carrying a lot of gear. With the Locker pack, you will never have to worry about trying to fit everything in. There will never be one of those mornings where you have to debate what gets brought to the hill and what gets left behind, so you will always be prepared. The intense zippers also make it, so you know everything is protected in there. It is definitely the best bag I have ever used!

Game Changer

My arms have never been covered in more bruises in my entire life. I needed to figure out how to make bashing gates and skiing fast my top priority and not get disrupted by the pain. Once I got the impact top, everything changed. Now my arms are able to take days of GS training without a brutal beating, and I can focus on my skiing. The top fits perfectly under my suit and provides padding in all the right places.