Ski Racing Media Virtual Race Night

by Roger Carry on October 06, 2020
Last Wednesday, in partnership with Ski Racing Media Virtual Race Night, we had a one-hour live chat on Facebook with the founding members of Redneck Racing. In this family reunion, Julia Ford, Tucker Marshall, Tim Kelley, and Robby Kelley recount the origin story of their independent race team and how the first connection with SYNC happened.
It was a great discussion that covered everything including their involvement with product development, funny stories from the road, and their favorite products in the SYNC lineup like the 8120 Pant and the Pano Jacket
Check out the full archived video or visit for even more virtual race night content.

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★ Why SYNC?

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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3/4 warmup

Super product, warm, easy on and off. Fits small so you might want to go up a size.
Great for training, no need to strip down to skin suit.
Love them.

Great Product

I wear them everyday, as I used to cut into my liners and skisocks on a regular basis and got scared to cut open my calves. They fit well and also keep your calves warm and snow free when you decide to not put your suit above your boot in slalom.

Essential for any racer

Perfect for training and keeping the elements off. Lightweight and great fit. Essential piece of clothing to keep in your bag at all times.

Men's 8120 Insulated Pant

Great quality, warm, functional, & good looking. What more do you want? I love this pant.

Best Bag Ever!!

Ski racing is one of those sports where you are always carrying a lot of gear. With the Locker pack, you will never have to worry about trying to fit everything in. There will never be one of those mornings where you have to debate what gets brought to the hill and what gets left behind, so you will always be prepared. The intense zippers also make it, so you know everything is protected in there. It is definitely the best bag I have ever used!