While travelling across Europe to different races and training venues, access to proper gym equipment can become a challenge all on its own. This week World Cup skier Alex Leever walks us through a circuit he developed that takes only a partner and a medicine ball.

“I love this workout because I can do it anytime, anywhere on the road, and it’s also a lot of fun! When you’re traveling for ski racing, space in the van/on the airplane is always at a premium. This workout gets your body moving and your core activated, and makes you drag along a workout buddy to join in the fun!

The workout starts with a Medicine Ball core/trunk warmup to make sure your body is warm and ready, something really important to someone like me with back problems. We then move into a series of supersets, starting with squats and glute bridges, lat pulls and bridge/dips, rows and pushups, then a core circuit and some burpees to finish!”

-Alex Leever