Former SYNC Team member, Sawyer Reed, helps kickstart your summer training with his top three exercises for more powerful turns. Sawyer also provides helpful hints to ensure proper technique and some recommendations for a superset that will get your legs burning.

Exercise #1: Sumo Squat 

For Sumo Squats you will need either two dumbbells or kettlebells. 

Place the dumbbells or kettlebells on the floor and place feet on the outside of them. Squat down and grab the dumbbell or kettlebell in each hand and proceed to squat. 

Be sure to keep your chest upright while squatting. This exercise is knee dominant that targets glutes and the inner thigh muscles to help resist and push against the forces of a turn. 

Do 3 sets of 10 Sumo Squats. 

Exercise #2: Romanian Deadlift

For Romanian Deadlifts you will need two dumbbells or kettlebells.  

Hold the two dumbbells or kettlebells in each hand and hinge at the hip lifting one leg and balancing with the other on the ground. Be sure to have a subtle knee bend to target your hamstrings and then lengthen under load. Keep your dumbbell or kettlebell close to your supporting leg as you hinge forward.

It is important to keep your hips squared and be balanced throughout the movement. This exercise helps increase our strength and balance on the outside ski.

Do 3 sets of 10 Romanian Deadlift's each side. 

Exercise #3: Alternating Lateral Lunges

For Alternating Lateral Lunges you will need one dumbbell or kettlebell. 

Hold the dumbbell or kettlebell in the goblet position and stack your hip over your knee and foot with a stance that is about shoulder width apart. Moving over to each side, the goal is to stay stacked and square, letting your hip muscles do most of the work, with some help from your quads.

This exercise will help us build hip and knee strength for lateral moments.

 Do 3 sets of 10 Alternating Lateral Lunges each side. 

Supersetting all of these exercises for three sets of 10 each is a great start for more powerful turns next winter.

*All how-to information was provided by Martin Guyer and Momentum Movement