Protecting the most vulnerable and exposed areas of a skier's legs

As improved tuning techniques have cascaded down from the World Cup to the junior level, cut resistant equipment is more important than ever to prevent athletes from sustaining serious injuries.

Designed with input from, athletes, coaches, and parents, and independently tested both domestically and internationally, cut resistant fabric is comprised of a Dyneema®/Fiberglass blend.

Benefits of Dyneema®

High Strength

On a weight-for-weight basis, Dyneema® is fifteen times stronger than steel


Dyneema® does not absorb water, allowing it to remain light when working in wet conditions

UV Resistant

Dyneema® has very good resistance to photodegradation, so it maintains its performance when exposed to UV light, unlike kevlar

Peace of mind

With the protection of cut resistant layers, you can now focus on maximizing your performance without risking your racing career.

Athlete reviews
“I wear them every day, as I used to cut into my liners and ski socks on a regular basis and got scared to cut open my calves. They fit well and also keep your calves warm and snow-free when you decide to not put your suit above your boot in slalom.”
— David Ketterer, Former German World Cup Racer
"I did’t wear any cut-resistant equipment for a really long time but after hearing about/ witnessing enough horrible ski cuts I got a pair. Now I feel completely unprotected whenever I click into a pair of skis without my cut-resistant base layer."
— Ryan Herhusky, NCAA SYNC Team Athlete