2x Olympian, World Championship Medalist, and American legend Doug Lewis from ELITEAM is back to help you supercharge your core before the fall with his Partner Core Workout

Exercises: Mallards, Bicycles, Plank Hip Taps, Cherry Pickers, Kneeling Bird Dogs, Scissors, Superwomens, Cramps/Crunches, Lateral Plank Taps, Bridge

In this video, Doug and Kelley go through ten exercises that you and your partner can rotate through. If you don't have a partner, throw in a 30-second rest between exercises. We've found that ten reps per side is a good place to start on these exercises. Try lapping through these three times if you are looking for a good burn!

ELITEAM hosts camps and programs that build complete athletes by teaching the concepts of Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology, and Sports Nutrition. Dig Deep 2020 is ELITEAM's online training program that runs for 12 weeks this summer. Check out their website to learn more.