five knee injury recovery exercises

Knee injuries happen in sport more often than we would like. But when they do, it is essential in the recovery process to train your strength so that when you do get back on snow, you are ready.


SYNC NCAA Athlete Ella Spear takes us through five exercises she has been doing to get back out onto the hill.

1. Rear Foot Elevated Bulgarian Split Squats - 3x10 each leg

2. Barbell Squats - 3x10

3. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift - 3x10 each leg

4. Front Facing Box Jumps, Double to Single Leg - 3x10 each leg

5. Lateral Band Resisted Box Jumps - Single to Single - 3x10 each leg

Incorporating these exercises into your workout will help build up your knee strength for next season.

Make sure you consult with your surgeon and Physio to ensure these exercises are right for you.
Everyone's recovery moves at a different pace and there are no perfect exercises for everyone post-op.

Watch the full YouTube video above and follow along for more How-To-Train videos.

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