SYNC Performance launches newly re-designed bag lineup, building off the previous success of their functional bags dedicated to the traveling alpine ski racer.

Vail, Colo.—April 16, 2020—SYNC Performance, provider of ski apparel, protective ski race equipment, and travel bags based in Vail, Colo, launches today a brand new lineup of completely re-designed bags to help athletes on their journey to and from races, summer camps, and World Cups. A year and a half in the making, working with countless athletes to perfect the ski racing travel system, three completely re-built and re-thought travel bags have emerged, The Locker Pack, The Athlete Pack, and The Boot Pack. The foundation of each bag carries over from previous versions but feature massive improvements in functionality, durability, and load-carrying ability. 

“It was time for a completely new look on the race hill and in the lodge. The traditional ski boot pack from the majority of brands had not been re-thought in years. These bags represent the highest attention to detail made with unique quality materials. No longer do you have to carry an ugly, cumbersome, over-sized wide-load bag that bumps into everything and everyone along the way. These new bags provide a sleek, functional look, so you can travel with confidence and security.” said Geof Ochs, SYNC Performance Chief Innovation Officer, and Lead Product Developer. 

SYNC decided to launch in one color to make an identity statement on the race hill. This is the bag for ski racers who need the best of the best, working with athletes such as Sam Morse, Garret Driller, Alex Leever, and Fletcher & Gabriella Holm, among many others. They underwent a process to completely breakdown every detail about their current bags and go back to the drawing board. After discussing with the athletes, we found many ways to improve the current bags, which required the brand’s expertise and attention for a complete overhaul.

Some of the improvements include multi-purpose and multi-functional pockets, increased handle and strap durability, overall fabric improvement to protect from TSA abuse. “Constantly traveling in a van or on airplanes to and from races, requires simplicity and minimalism to prevent snagging and catching. The challenge was to maintain proper functionality along the way. Now athletes can throw their bag around and feel comfortable it will remain in one piece along their worldwide travels.” Ochs continued.

The three bags are available today on pre-sale and are planned to start shipping to consumers Mid-May. “In an effort to get the bags to the consumers who need them the most, we are launching the bags via a pre-sale so that once they hit our warehouse we can ship immediately and will be received in time for Summer training camps.” Geof Ochs.

About SYNC Performance
Founded in 2014, SYNC Performance is an independent company with a mission to fulfill the needs of performance athletes. Using technical knowledge and expertise from independent ski racers and teams as well as feedback from hard-charging former racers turned big mountain and backcountry skiers, SYNC’s apparel is developed and designed for performance, durability, functionality, and style that appeals to the year-round lifestyle of mountain athletes.