At SYNC, we love Kickstarter for it's ability to help small businesses launch products. As an independent, Colorado based company, we can gauge demand before placing huge orders. Gaining valuable insight into sizes and colors helps us order intellegently. Those benefits to us mean we can offer early backers up to 50% off retail pricing. It's win, win!

The Engineered Down Jacket is our latest foray into the Kickstarter world. Using a brand new technology that removes stitching from baffle construction, we are able to create the stretchiest skiing down possible. Removing those stitch holes also means water, wind, and snow stay out, combined with YKK Aquaguard zippers, this is also much more weatherproof than the traditional down jacket.

Check out the Kickstarter Engineered Down campaign page for the complete story, along with a video created by our friends at FlipArt media.

Thanks to the quick backing, this jacket will go into production and will be available for $399 this fall. During the Kickstarter, grab one at an early backer price of $199 while supplies last.

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