Hello everyone and welcome back to the Weekly Stoke! Now that we are at the end of the season you can see people trading their ski boots in for flip flops and their goggles for sunglasses. But with the end of the season comes our reflection time and of course our awards! As manager of the SYNC Team I am very proud of the work our athletes have done this year managing their seasons with covid, and school. So to close the year I wanted to highlight some of their achievements and let you all know what they will probably do next year. I think it is also important to point out that the SYNC Team Applications for next year are now available so if you are interested in joining the team next year please fill that out. 

So now time to highlight some of our athletes! 

Cooper Puckett - 2003 - Cooper is very proud of his season with highlights of qualifying to race at World Juniors and also getting 1st for U18s in the SG! He is for sure going to be back skiing next year just figuring out the best plan of action. 

Dasha Romanov - 2003 - Dasha had a great season overseas and is most proud of her 2nd place finish at the Passo San Pellegrino GS and her win at Snow King. She will be a force to reckon with next season wherever she ends up.

Fletcher Holm - 2002 - Fletcher finished off his strong ski season with 5th at the Breckenridge GS and another strong result with a 2nd at the Winter Park. He not only shreds on the snow but is an amazing water skier and so next year could be either a PG year or college skiing, on either surface. 

Ava Sunshine Jemison - 2002 - Ava had an awesome year racing for BMA with a combination of strong speed and tech results at both 2020 and 2021 US Nationals. With a 3rd in the alpine combine and 4th in the downhill most recently in Aspen. She may be rocking the college circuit next year or be out crushing it in a PG year. 

Gabi Holm - 2002 - Gabi rocked the FIS UNI Slalom at Snowbird and finished 17th scoring her best slalom result ever (45). Gabi is thrilled to be joining the Bobcats at Montana State University next year!

Jack Reich - 2002 - This year Jack had a killer attack from the back and was really excited in his move from bib 50 to finishing 13th at the Vail Slalom races. He will be back on the circuit next year as a PG. 

Jay Poulter - 2003 - Jay had a really exciting win this year and that was at the holiday classic! He is ready to pursue next year with the same amount of grit and determination. 

Jordan Simon - 2003 - Jordan had a great season and is very excited to be skiing for Dartmouth next year. 

Nick Kirkwood - 2004 - Nick’s best results this year were in GS and was really excited about his races at Breckenridge and Steamboat. Nick is going to be a senior in High School next year and is excited for his second year of FIS. 

Sophia Tozzi - 2003 - Sophia crushed the alpine combine at US Nationals and was thrilled with her 8th place finish and 3rd for Juniors. She also had some great results in some FIS races throughout the season with a 3rd in GS at Squaw and 2nd in Slalom at Sugarbowl. We will be excited to see Sophia back for a PG year next year.

Alison Cornelius - 2002 - Ally had a crazy season but is most proud of her result at the CU FISU. She is excited to be moving on to the next chapter of her life and we want to congratulate her on the end of her ski career and wish her luck!

Mary Bocock - 2003 - Mary had a great season and is very proud of her two FIS wins at Breckenridge in GS along with her success in Europe. She also started the year off strong with a 4th in the GS at 2020 US Nationals where she won the second run. Mary is heading back to Rowmark for her senior year of Highschool next year.


So proud of ALL these terrific kids!! Crazy year and they all came through with flying colors!

— Georgene Tozzi