Hello everyone, and welcome back to the weekly stoke. Today is all about the next best training piece, and that is the Warmup Down Bottoms: this GS skier’s new best friend. 

As a GS skier, I am constantly looking for ways to make training more effective in order to gain just a little more speed. During training days, I have always been the one to want as few layers on as possible to reduce any form of stiffness or training limitations. I hate anything that makes me feel like I can’t move! This thought process made me pretty skeptical about the idea of the ¾ Warmup Down Bottoms because why would I try something that could potentially slow me down? After careful consideration and a couple of extremely cold days, I decided that it was time to try out these new training pants. I had heard some people already starting to talk about the benefits of training in the Warmup Down Bottoms and how nice it was to have a layer that keeps you warm but also doesn’t restrict. 

Game time to try them out. 

First off, it was really surprising to see how easily they went on. I was able to take my snow pants and coat off and put my Warmup Down Bottoms on in the span of a few minutes without any struggling or fighting with the zipper. Once on, it was amazing to ride up the lift and have my legs not even notice the wind or cold. It was now time for the real test and the moment of truth whether the Warmup Downs would feel restricting while I was actually in a course. I kicked out of the start gate and skied to the bottom, and I was thrilled that the bottoms moved with every one of my hip drags and transitions while I was charging down the GS course. After that session I now pack my ¾ zip Warmup Down Bottoms every day for GS training and always have the flexibility to train with warmth while also working on getting faster. 

What if your next edge was a way to train longer, keep your muscles warmer, and allow you to spend more time worrying about your speed than your cold muscles? Would you try it? 

I’ll catch you all next week.