Coloring Books and Combat Boots with Alix Wilkinson

by Kris Ochs on November 13, 2019


Just over the pass from SYNC HQ at Copper Mountain, the mecca of ski racing in November is bustling with action as athletes are getting their reps in before the race season kicks into high gear. 

We recently caught up with Alix Wilkinson of the USST D Team to find out how her time at Copper is going. Unfortunately, Alix crashed while freeskiing just a few days into camp and suffered a concussion that has put her on the sidelines.

As Mike Tyson famously put it, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face."

Though Alix has had a bit more downtime than she was hoping for, she is laser-focused on getting back on snow and making it her best season yet.

Q: What are your goals for this season?

Last year my goal was to be in the top ten at a bunch of Nor-Ams but this year I’ve been focusing more on speed and with the way I’m skiing I feel confident I can push myself to the top three. I think it would be awesome to win a discipline title and get my own World Cup spot.

Q: What are you doing to get ready for the upcoming season right now?

Well right now, just listening to podcasts, having fun with coloring and doing puzzles while I recover. I got thrown on a roller, blew up and ended up with a concussion. I have to be careful as it's my third one, but things are looking good and I am hoping to get back on the hill this Friday.

Q: What's your favorite part about downtime in Copper?

Sugar Lips Mini Donuts. The place is amazing.

Q: At this point in the season, what are you focused on to make sure you are ready for the first races of the year?

At this point in the year I want to make sure I am executing on all the little things, like making sure my equipment is dialed and my fitness is where it needs to be so when it comes time to race and I’m in the start gate all I need to focus on is executing my plan for that day. I also try to shift my focus away from quantity and towards quality training this time of year. I find in the summer it is good to focus on getting as many runs as possible, wherein the fall I want to treat a few training runs as race runs where I really execute and then make sure I am saving some energy for the long season ahead.

Q: How much do you focus on recovery at this time of the year?

I focus a lot on recovery I find that if I’m feeling tired at all I don’t ski as well. The priority for me in these camps is always quality skiing so whatever I can do to optimize my time on snow is important.

Q: Amped or chill--what is your mindset when in the start gate?

I try to stay as laid back as possible and focus on the process. I think this is especially important for me in tech, but sometimes in speed, if the track is super gnarly I’ll have to amp myself up so I can be aggressive.

Fun Facts About Alix

  • Alix’s ski idols include Bryce Bennett and Marcus Caston. She wants to emulate Bryce’s laid back approach and has goals of skiing in a Warren Miller movie with Caston one day.
  • Alix wants to win the “Queen of Corbets” contest at some point in her career. The competition judges skiers airtime into Jackson Hole's legendary couloir.
  • Alix spends her summers mentally resetting from skiing at home in Lake Tahoe on her mountain bike and paddleboard.
  • Alix loves shoes and travels with ten pairs on almost every trip. Her favorites are Vans and combat boots.

About the SYNC Athlete Fund

In the Fall of 2019, The SYNC Athlete Fund awarded $50,000 worth of individual grants to athletes for 2019/2020 season via the 501(c)3 Team America Foundation. For more information on the Athlete fund, click here. Alix was one of our recipients.


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