If there is one thing we know for certain it's that there is no "perfect" way to train as a ski racer. That's why all summer long SYNC athletes will be showing our community how they are training for the upcoming season. 

For our first Summer Of Sweat adventure, Storm Klomhaus takes us along for an hour-long hike at 80% max heart rate and follows it up with a leg-crushing outdoor power circuit... 


 Hi all! My name is Storm Klomhaus and I am an alpine skier and former NCAA ski racer. I am currently in Park City, Utah, doing a summer conditioning and strength training block. I am really excited to kick off the SYNC summer sweat event by showing a way I train without a gym.

I love these styles of workouts because I am not restricted by resources or any equipment needs - all I need is somewhere to hike/run and a short hill.

For my activity, I went on a high intensity 1 hour trail run/hike up Park City mountain. Then, at the very end of the hike I found a short hill to complete a power circuit on, which is as follows:

3 rounds of:

1. Hill Sprints (10 seconds)

2. Uphill double leg bounds (15 bounds)

3. Uphill single leg side bounds (15 each side)

4. Uphill tuck walking (15 steps each leg)

After completing the circuit, I did max tuck hold for time.

The workout took about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and was pretty nasty but super fun. This one is a go-to of mine when I don’t have a gym and am on a time crunch, looking for a hard but quick workout.

If I don’t have a mountain to hike or a hill for my circuit, I run for 45 minutes and double the reps/time for the circuit. I hope you all enjoyed my SYNC summer sweat activity and give it a try!

Thanks for checking it out, and stay tuned for more SYNC summer of sweat coming up soon!