The Weekly Stoke // Video: SYNC Athletes Pay It Forward

by Parker Biele on January 07, 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the weekly stoke. This week we are diving into how tightly knit the ski racing community is. Foreste Peterson defines what a successful career in ski racing looks like. She spent time on the US Ski Team, became an All American at Dartmouth, and then rocked World Cup spots on Team X Alpine. Now, she is coaching at Rowmark Academy and developing the next line of ski racers.

Mary Bocock, a student at Rowmark Academy and member of the SYNC Team, is lucky to get to work with Foreste every day. Foreste Peterson and Mary Bocock represent the cycle in which SYNC Performance truly thrives. A proper mentorship where a prior successful athlete is able to provide to the next generation is undeniably what this company strives for. Along with giving great advice and training tips, Foreste is able to provide feedback on what training gear, and necessities she relied on during her career and pass them along to Mary, so she is in the best position to succeed. Now, Mary can keep developing as an athlete and utilize the tools and guidance that past SYNC athletes have to offer and, hopefully, repeat the cycle as she gets older. 

Tucker Marshall, another SYNC Athlete, has captured this relationship perfectly in a newly released video. Watch it to see the bigger picture of what happens when the ski racing community gives back. 

I look forward to next week and catch you later.



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