The Weekly Stoke // Get To Know Team X Alpine

by Parker Biele on January 01, 2021


Hello everyone, and welcome back to the weekly stoke. This week I got to do something pretty exciting, and that is kick off my recorded Zoom series! To commemorate this honorary event, I invited Team X to come introduce themselves, the program, and talk about what Covid has meant to their ski season.

Not only should all of you take the time to watch it and gain some insight on the most revolutionary path for female ski development, but also learn about how to handle some of the mental and physical demands that have come with such an unusual year.  Check back in next week to get more written and Zoom coverage on the weekly stoke. 

-Parker Biele


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Best race suit

This suit is amazing quality, and fits like a glove. It does not rip very easily, unlike some other brands out there. I am super excited to race in it this year.

I never received the Race short

I purchased this short with a two day shipping. After two weeks I contacted Sync because I have not received it, I was told that it was a problem with the shipping and I cannot cancel the order until I receive it. Two weeks after I wrote again informing that I was coming back home here in the US and that I need either cancel or redirect the shipping. I never received an answer, I wrote again and still no answer from Sync and the short is still missing.
We are frequent costumers as my kids are ski racers. This is very disappointing.


I LOVE THIS RACE SUIT!!! It fits really well except when you first get it on it might be a lil small but that's because you haven't stretched it out but don't worry it will adjust it self after a few rides! Because of Covid I didn't race much but I did wear a couple times but I can't wait to wear this year in races! Plus I get a lot of comments about how cute it is! It has a lot of comfortable padding and its comfortable in general! And that's why I give it a 5 stars

Stretch puffy

My third Sync Jacket and loving them all. Warm and functional. Keep up the great work.

medium fits huge, super wide not tight like it says