Camp Essentials (30)

Glacier Hat - Charcoal

$ 15.00 USD$ 30.00 USD

Session Race Short - Black/Blue

$ 99.50 USD$ 169.00 USD

Cut Resistant Short

$ 119.00 USD

Men's Training Jacket 1.0 - Black

$ 69.00 USD$ 129.00 USD

Women's Training Jacket 1.0 - Orange

$ 69.00 USD$ 129.00 USD

Training Vest

$ 59.50 USD$ 89.00 USD

Element Rain Shell

$ 199.00 USD

Men's Top Step Side Zip Ski Pant

$ 229.00 USD

Kid's Top Step Side Zip Ski Pant - Black

$ 199.00 USD
★ Why SYNC?

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

875 reviews

You can tell Sync has really well designed products. The race suits Sync has is really good quality and fits really well. I have two suits from Sync and a few from other brands but I prefer the Sync stuff over anyone else. It's comfortable and padded in the right places.

Durable, great looking ski pants

My go to ski pants for day to day use when freeskiing. I've had mine for a few seasons and it's held up quite well. The fit is perfect for skiing - not bulky at all, and warm and comfortable even in cold temps. Good for cold days to keep your legs warm.

The best training shorts

Awesome shorts. Just make sure you get the right size: I have a 31" waist but need a large for it to comfortably fit. Go by Sync's recommendation of sticking with the same size as your race suit.

Awesome jacket

I bought this jacket when it was a Kickstarter project. The blue color is really nice and looks unique enough. The jacket is extremely comfortable and it's really lightweight and stretchy. When zipped up, the jacket is very warm and great for cold winter days. The hood is big enough for my XL helmet.

I debate between using this jacket and the Stretch Puffy (also an amazing jacket) and lean towards this one when it's a bit colder.

By far one of the best jackets I've ever purchased. Feels great on you and doesn't feel like it impedes your movements. Great jacket for freeskiing, training, or just for day to day use. It's lightweight, warm and waterproof enough for anything but the heaviest rainy days.