We all know how key explosiveness is in ski racing. Strength and stability are an essential foundation but explosive power allows us to generate more speed.

Resisted sprints are a fun, simple, and proven effective way to develop the explosiveness required for fast skiing!


  • Warm-up and stretch thoroughly prior to attempting any sprints
  • Sprint with your chest up and a forward posture
  • Look ahead and use your arms when sprinting
  • Focus on quality of each sprint opposed to quantity of sprints
  • Set markers at 10 yards and 30 yards from starting location
  • Partner resists for first 10 yards while still allowing forward progress
  • Give a max effort for resisted portion - partner releases at 10-yard marker
  • Sprint full-speed (max effort) to 30-yard marker after being released
  • Walk around for 1-2 minutes between sprints to ensure full recovery
  • Challenge yourself and increase the intensity over time by having your partner resist a little farther (e.g. 15-20 yards) and sprinting a little farther (e.g. 25-30 yards) after being released


  • Attempting any sprints without a thorough warm-up and stretch
  • Sprinting too far – want each sprint to be a maximal anaerobic effort
  • Hesitation at release marker – blast through the release marker and finish
  • Too little rest between efforts
  • Too many repetitions – stop once you’re too tired to give a max effort

If you haven’t already, integrate resisted sprints into your off-season dryland training. Keep in mind that injuries can occur with performing explosive movements, such as sprints, in high volume. So, get after it but know your limits and focus on form.