Here at SYNC, we understand that speed suits are a substantial investment and you surely want to lengthen their lifespan as much as possible. Here are our best tips and tricks on suit fit and care to help optimize your comfort and performance. 


  • We always recommend fitting for height first when selecting a speed suit using our size chart. If you're in between weight or height categories, remember that extra room can in a suit can be taken up by back protectors, stealths and extra layers but if the torso of the suit is too short for your height, there is not much that can be done.
  • Your SYNC suit will stretch slightly over time as you train and race, so if your new suit feels super snug at first, remember that it will stretch and mold to your body after wearing it a few times. 
  • For additional fit tips, please check out our blog, 4 Steps to Choosing Size and Fit of a New Ski Race Suit, written by our co-Founder and lead product designer, Geof Ochs.


Remove the pads - All of our retail suits come with with standard padding in the arms, back and upper legs, however, many athletes choose to remove these pads to make room for other protection options. To remove the pads, simply turn your suit inside out, pinch the fabric holding the pad in place and make a small cut. Then pull the pad out through this hole. You can easily put it back in if your padding preferences change. 

Watch our instructional YouTube video on how to remove your suit pads!

Add supplemental padding- Opt for our Impact Padded Top or Cut Resistant Short for protection in lieu of the standard suit pads. 

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Our SYNC speed suits are made with Eschler e3 Protection Anti-Pill fabric to protect against pilling, but here are some tips to help keep your suit looking new even longer:

  • Wear shorts during training- Keep your suit from pilling by wearing our Session Race Shorts or Cut Resistant Training Shorts while training. Both of these options are fitted, aerodynamic and will not constrict movement or impact your speed during training runs. 
  • Place your suit in a protective bag, such as an old pillowcase, when toting it to and from the mountain in your pack. This will keep it from coming in contact with anything Velcro, such as jacket cuffs, arm or shin guards, which will cause premature pilling. 
  • We do not recommend washing your suit frequently, but if it needs to be laundered we recommend the following care: 1.) Turn your suit inside out and use your washer’s delicate cycle to clean it using a detergent intended for delicate fabrics, such as Woolite. 2.) Do not put your suit in the dryer, let it air dry. We do not recommend hanging it to dry, instead, lay in on a flat surface, such as the top of a drying rack, so the damp fabric is not pulled and stretched unnecessarily. 


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