Injuries are simply a part of ski racing, how athletes choose to adapt to them varies greatly depending on who you talk to. For this week's #SummerOfSweat Parker Biele takes us through the upper body circuit that she has perfected while mending a broken toe.  

 Hi Everyone my name is Parker Biele, I am a Burke Mountain Academy and Boston College Skiing Alum. Currently I am an independent athlete working with SSCV and SYNC Performance to pursue my goals in GS this season. For my summer of sweat I was considering rollerblading all over the eagle area or doing a timed hike up Vail Mountain (thanks Burke) but unfortunately I have hit a small speed bump in my summer training and broke my toe. So instead of letting my injury slow me down I am going to share with all of you my new favorite circuit “Broken Toe Fun” and go through how you can continue to train hard even when you have injuries. 

- Disclaimer this doesn't mean train stupid you still need to be smart and listen to your body I was lucky enough that with my boot on I am allowed to do all upper body workouts and bike -

So for my circuit I did 3 rounds of muscle beach but added the assault bike to keep things interesting. 30 seconds each exercise 5-10 seconds to switch between stations and then 2-3 min off in between rounds.

Due to the short bursts of work you are supposed to MAX EFFORT at each station!!


-OH Press

-LEG Lowers w/weight 

-Dumbbell row 

-Plank plate Pull Through 

-Kneeling OH Dumbbell Press

-Shoulder T’s 

-Assault Bike 

I know this isn't as creative as the other summer of sweat workouts have been and I broke the rule of being in the gym but I think it is still a great way to show that you can always find a way to workout even when you have to get creative!!