This week for the #SummerOfSweat, World Cup Racer Tricia Mangan takes us through the triathlon she competed in this past month. Tricia and her siblings entered in the intermediate distance featuring a 1500 meter swim 25-mile bike and 6-mile run.  

For my Summer of Sweat challenge I decided to do an Intermediate Triathlon which is a 1500 m swim 25 mile bike and 6 mile run. My family has always loved doing triathlons as a fun challenge for us all to go out, try our hardest and have a ton of fun. What I love most about them is you are always able to go a lot faster and do a lot more than you think you’re capable of and it’s fun to have a race setting to let the friendly competitiveness come out and motivate you.

Pushing yourself physically is super rewarding and not only helps me train physically for the ski season but also mentally. I think it’s very important to test your limits in all ways every now and then to continue to grow on and off the slopes. I hope everyone is able to push themselves in some way this summer and that the Summer of Sweat challenges help give you inspiration and encouragement! 

- Tricia Mangan