Pantalon coquille extensible Headwall pour hommes

$558.00 CAD

Tableau des tailles
Tableau des tailles

Pantalon coquille extensible Headwall pour hommes

La collection Headwall présente un vêtement d'extérieur performant pour le ski libre pour une expérience ultime sur le front et dans l'arrière-pays. Le pantalon Headwall Stretch Shell pour hommes est composé d'un nylon recyclé hautement résistant à l'abrasion avec une extensibilité dans les 4 sens, une respirabilité imperméable 20k/20k, des coutures entièrement scellées et notre propriété exclusive Construction 3/4 Step-Through™ pour une ventilation complète des jambes. Alors que d'autres marques ont fabriqué des équipements plus amples pour favoriser la mobilité, nous avons conçu ce pantalon en mettant l'accent sur l'ajustement et l'extensibilité afin que vous puissiez superposer et bouger confortablement dans toutes les conditions.

En soutien à la Fondation BRASS, Partners In Safety

La Bryce and Ronnie Athlete Snow Safety Foundation (BRASS) est née de la mort tragique des athlètes de l'équipe de ski américaine Ronnie Berlack et Bryce Astle à Sölden, en Autriche, en 2015, pour créer un héritage de changements dans la culture de la sécurité en cas d'avalanche. En nous associant à BRASS, nous sommes en mesure de fournir un accès aux informations de sécurité en cas d'avalanche sur l'étiquette volante de chaque pièce de la collection Headwall. Étant donné que tant de coureurs de ski repoussent les limites de toutes les manières, notre espoir est d'éduquer les skieurs qui passent des environnements de course à l'arrière-pays.

    Détails techniques

    • Tissu : nylon recyclé hautement résistant à l'abrasion, extensible dans 4 directions, imper-respirant 20 k/20 k, DWR 3 couches
    • Coutures entièrement scellées
    • Gamme complète d'ajustement de mouvement
    • Protections anti-éraflures en super tissu résistant aux coupures, ourlet en Cordura résistant à l'abrasion
    • Fermetures éclair latérales YKK Aquaguard bidirectionnelles avec tirette en aluminium compatible avec les gants
    • Braguette zippée YKK avec mousqueton à disque personnalisé
    • Main YKK, fermetures éclair de poche avec tirette en aluminium compatible avec les gants
    • Entretien facile

    Liberté de mouvement illimitée

    La collection Headwall comprend un tissu extensible à 3 couches dans 4 directions, vous offrant un ajustement flexible qui est près du corps sans excès de poids, de sac ou de rigidité.

    La respirabilité imperméable 20K/20k crée un système de vêtements d'extérieur qui déjoue les éléments et vous permet de performer dans n'importe quel environnement.

    Durabilité testée par les athlètes

    Nous avons utilisé les mêmes leçons sur la durabilité que nous avons apprises des athlètes de course de haut niveau et les avons appliquées au monde du freeski.

    Ces produits sont le résultat direct d'années de tests et de raffinement avec des athlètes de haut niveau qui ont des racines dans le ski de compétition.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Matt MP
    Great durable pant, more form fitting than top step

    Material feels higher quality, more durable than the Top Step pant. The stretch and the thickness of the material make it more comfortable at speed and during training. However, it is not insulated and definitely not as warm as the Top Step. For the extra price it isn't as warm as I would have expected, but definitely the quality and durability seems greater than the Top Step.

    Rebecca Black
    Men's Ski Pant

    Comfortable, sharp looking, great pant all around.

    Hi Rebecca!

    Thank you for your review! We appreciate it and are happy that you are stoked on SYNC!

    Ryan Rooper
    Good Pants Not Great

    Excellent fit compared to the previous pant version. A little snugger on the legs so they don't flap as much at speed. I had them shortened as my inseam is about 29 inches. My seamstress cuts off the pant leg bottoms, leaving the snow gatter alone, but moves the pant snap and flap up where it should be.
    Love the step through 3/4 leg zippers that let you open down from the hip for extra ventilation to cool down on the warmer spring days.
    Waterproof zippers all around, I added longer zipper pulls so I can grasp them with my gloves on.
    Rain drops pill up on the thighs when sitting in a chairlift. But the snow/ice on the chair, as it melts, goes through the stretch outer layer into my long johns, first day I wore them. Seams are all sealed, so they really need a third layer / gortex in the seat area.
    Since I had them shortened, I can't return them. I was surprised by the lack of a waterproof layer on the seat since the advertising was so positive about the weatherproofing.
    The pants are not insulated, so I will be needing to wear thicker longjohns for those sub 20 degree days.
    For the price, I expected more weather proofing. My 2 year old Arc'teryx pants are warmer, more wind proof,and cost less than these.
    Thanks for asking. Hope this helps.

    Hi Ryan!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this detailed review. We always appreciate any sort of feedback; good, bad, or indifferent. So this is extremely helpful for us so we can continue to improve. We will certainly take these comments into account and work with our product development team and factories to make sure we implement necessary improvements. In the meantime, please be on the lookout for some products to strengthen the waterproof properties of the garment. We definitely want to make sure these pants get the job done for you. So if you have any further questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks!

    Timothy Thompson
    Already replied

    Obviously you don’t read your reviews I already gave one, product is good put your sizing sucks.
    Nough said

    Hi Timothy!

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that the sizing has not been ideal for you. As a growing company we appreciate any feedback and are currently working on making our sizing charts as accurate as possible. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us regarding sizing on any future purchases at

    Jason Robinson
    Fantastic set of ski wear

    The Headwall collection is without a doubt the best ski wear I have ever used. The range of motion that I have with the jacket and pants or bibs beats anything I've ever owned before, including the supposed softshell stretch jackets. This has been a real treat for those tight tree skiing days, as well as the days when I am up and down on the snow for video at the ski races. Waterproof and blocks wind with ease and I especially like how the pants and bibs cut upwards a little in the back of the cuff at the bottom. This has eliminated my pants getting caught in my bindings when I click in or having to make sure I pull up on them as I step in. Now when I need to jump into my skis and head down the hill in a hurry at races or training, I am able to again.

    SYNC knocked it out of the park with this collection and I am glad that we made the decision to purchase a set for the entire family. Sizing is also spot on for me and I also like the double latching for the pants since now I don't have to worry about a single snap popping loose while I am up and down working with race setup. :-)

    Thanks, SYNC!!!

    Hi Jason!

    Thank you so much for your review and being such a loyal customer! The whole fam looks amazing and is absolutely rocking the Headwall set up! We are happy that you are stoked on SYNC!