Pantalon de ski à glissière latérale Top Step pour hommes

$350.00 CAD

Tableau des tailles

Pantalon de ski isolé à glissière latérale Top Step pour hommes

Le pantalon Top Step Side Zip est le pantalon pour mettre fin à tous les tâtonnements de la fermeture éclair les jours de froid osseux. Nous connaissons l'agonie de dégivrer sans gants vos fermetures éclair glacées pendant que le vent brûlant vous gerce le visage. C'est pourquoi ce pantalon présente notre Conception de construction 3/4 Step-Through ™ , qui place la fermeture éclair juste en dessous de la ceinture afin que vous n'ayez pas à essayer de connecter la fermeture éclair en haut. Pour vous échauffer à la vitesse de l'éclair, il vous suffit d'entrer et de décompresser.

Détails techniques

• Polyester recyclé résistant à l'abrasion, Premium grand teint à la lumière, extensible dans les deux sens
10k/10k imper-respirant, C6 DWR 2 couches
• Isolation Primaloft Argent 40 g
• Coutures de ruban critiques
• Jambe latérale bidirectionnelle YKK ZIP avec tirettes en aluminium compatibles avec les gants
• Protection contre les éraflures Cordura
• SnowCuffs
• Taille élastique ajustable avec passants de ceinture
• Poches zippées YKK pour les mains
• Poche cargo sur la cuisse avec bouton-pression personnalisé
• Garnitures personnalisées, Disc Snaps Locker Loop et logo de transfert de chaleur
• Entretien facile

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Great stuff

his is the second pair of Top Step ski pants for me. I was originally attracted to them because of the almost full length zipper up the side of the leg. This is important for me in that an old injury makes it necessary to swap a walking prosthesis for a ski prosthesis at the mountain. I’ve got other ski pants but they don’t provide for the ease of access that the Top Step makes possible. The side zipper makes the swap super easy and quick. I was also pleased that I didn’t have to make any compromises in the quality of the pant. Solid build and with all the features one would wish for such as enough pockets, enough insulation, enough comfort and enough style. I’ve got two pair now and hoping the Top Step pant remains in the Sync catalog as it’s my go to ski pant. Five stars!

R Scott Warren
Very Nice Ski Pants

Full side zip ski pants are harder to find these days than when I bought my old pair over 20 years ago and I was happy to find these on line. Only worn a few times, but to date seem to be very well made. The fit is very good (LX - short, I think anyway). Not necessarily after high ski fashion, but they do look nice as well. The thin-ish layer of insulation is perfect and has let me use lighter weight, and more comfortable, long underwear.

Renee Seaborg

Awesome pants

Alexis Held
Great Pants

Pants fit perfect & are so easy to get off on race days.

Rob Galloway
Second Pair of Top Step Side Zip Pants

Needed a pair of blue pants and just like my original pair... these Rock!! Comfortable, Warm and extremely forgiving. Perfect for any day out on the mountains. Worn them both in Sub Zero and 40 degree days - they work well in both. Again - thanks Geoff and team!