Tiger Kids Race Suit - Black/Blue

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SYNC Performance Kellen Kids Ski Race Suit.

The most important part of any ski race suit is the fabric. SYNC Performance Race Suits are built with Schoeller e3 Protection Fabric. Schoeller, a swiss textile manufacturer, is widely recognized for their innovation in high performance fabrics, and well-known as a pioneer in Alpine and Nordic race wear fabrics with a rich history of providing the fabrics for the world’s best athletes.

Athlete driven designs

All SYNC suits are collaborations between our athletes and graphic team, so you get a 100% racer driven product from technical features to style and widely regarded as the best ski race suits in the industry, our suits are designed to perform to whatever level you take it.

Why SYNC Performance Ski Race Suits

Comfort. Performance. Quality. It’s the SYNC Performance way and like a good meal, great apparel usually starts with quality ingredients. Find out why racers worldwide aren’t shopping for ski suits anymore but are now shopping for SYNC Race suits, and discover what you’ve been missing. Comfort is important, because you need to be thinking about your racing, and the intention in the design of our suits is to make them fade into the background like they are not even there.

Size Information

8/10 XXS, 43 - 49, 60

10/12 XS, 51 - 57, 61 - 84

12/14 S, 57 - 63, 85 - 115

The Junior Race Suit Difference

SYNC Junior Race Suits feature the same comfort and quality as the adult race suit, but are not FIS approved.

Fabric That's Designed to last

E3 Protection is Schoeller’s state-of-the-art fabric that offers water resistance, superior protection from the elements, and durability. With this high performance fabric, SYNC Performance Junior Race Suits are ready to handle the daily wear that junior racers put on their suits.

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