SYNC Performance launches a newly designed protective Cut Resistant Base Layer and Cut Resistant Calf Sleeve, using athlete insights to develop a cut-resistant solution for ski racing injuries.


VAIL, Colo.—June 23, 2020—SYNC Performance, provider of ski apparel, protective ski race equipment, and travel bags based in Vail, Colo, launches today a brand new lineup of protective race equipment to help athletes on their journey to succeed at the highest level of their sport and pursue goals without risking their careers. Six years in development, working with countless athletes and fabric developers to design a set of cut-resistant gear that performs under the stresses of ski racing, combining breathability, mobility, and protection.

“We are extremely excited to be launching a product that has been in development since the inception of the brand, six years ago. The equipment in the sport of ski racing is changing at a rapid pace, becoming more and more technical, including ski tuning techniques. This has led to an increased number of lacerations and injuries from sharp edges in recent years, this problem is now endemic in the sport. While we can’t say these garments will prevent all injuries moving forward, they do provide a huge leap in the protection standard available while maintaining mobility better than any cut-resistant garment on the market. Most importantly, this will give every athlete, coach, parent, or club administrator in the sport peace of mind when their athletes are in the start gate.” said Geof Ochs, SYNC Performance Chief Innovation Officer, and Lead Product Developer.  

SYNC is launching two products, the Cut Resistant Base Layer, which combines coverage from the hip and glutes, through the thigh, and down to the calf, with a break at the bend in the knee for increased mobility.  Additionally, the revolutionary Cut Resistant Calf sleeve, with protection from the boot-top to just below the knee. Working with a wide range of athletes from their junior SYNC Team to World Cup level athletes to provide a solution that fits the needs at any level. Base layer sizing goes all the way down to XXS, providing an option for U12 and U10’s. These garments underwent significant development and testing over many years in an effort to breakdown every detail so that the unique needs of these athletes could be met while maintaining the protection standards they deserve.

“Parents send me photos of their athletes on the operating table over and over again, who I know personally, with lacerations that threaten their careers and their lives, until now, I only had one bad answer, “We’re working on it.” I am beyond proud to be launching a product that limits an athlete’s exposure to career-threatening injuries performing the sport they love. We feel it is our duty to the community we serve to get a proper protective product to market that does not inhibit performance. Hopefully, this will influence increased efforts among everyone in the community to take steps to provide a safer sport for all of our athletes.” Ochs continued.

SYNC's own Marketing Strategist, Roger Carry, was on-site when his brother's leg was cut and required over fifteen stitches to repair. "The fall was so innocent yet it created an injury that was almost season-ending and could have been easily been prevented through the use of a Cut-Resistant Baselayer or Calf Sleeve," said Carry.   

The garments will be available for sale exclusively on at the time of this release. MSRP for the Cut-Resistant Base Layer is $299, and MSRP for the Cut Resistant Calf Sleeve is $99.


Hope it’s beefier than POC.

— paul quinlan