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Cut Resistant Calf Sleeve

$ 99.00 USD

    The All-New Cut Resistant Calf Sleeve Is The Next Generation Of Ski Racing Safety Equipment.

    Freedom of movement and safety are two paramount pillars of participating in a high-intensity sport like ski racing. Whether you spend 150 days on snow per year or slug it out on the weekends at the World Pro Ski Tour. All athletes are enduring the same feeling on the hill, restriction of movement is the enemy, and confidence in the start gate leads to better performance on the course.

    6 Years In The Making.

    The Cut Resistant Calf Sleeve protects your calf from slices, scrapes, and nicks. Through surveys and market research, we have identified the calf area as being highly at-risk for significant injury. Not only for athletes who get insane angles and slices on their calf each slalom turn, but it's the largest piece of flesh consistently close to your ski edge regardless of skill level. This makes for the most exposed area on your leg.

    The Calf Sleeve is for those athletes who want to maintain freedom of movement through each turn and or want to increase the protection on the most exposed part of their leg. Perfect for athletes training at a high level while still protecting themselves from serious injury.

    Peace Of Mind.

    Forget the stress and anxiety every time you take the hill. With the cut-resistant calf sleeve base layer, you can focus on your performance every turn and move the way you need without risking your career.

    Testing and Fabric Specifications

    The proprietary cut-resistant fabric is comprised up of a Dyneema®/Fiberglass blend, which we independently tested domestically and internationally through verified testing facilities.

    Fabric Composition: Cut Resistant Dyneema Blended Knit- 43%POLYETHYLENE HT (Dyneema®)/ 43% Nylon / 14% FIBERGLASS

    • European Norm Certified EN:388:2016 Level 4
    • American Norm Certified ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Level A3

    Benefits of Dyneema®

    • High Strength: On a weight for weight basis, Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than steel
    • Water-resistant: Dyneema® is hydrophobic and does not absorb water, meaning it remains light when working in wet conditions
    • UV Resistant: Dyneema® has very good resistance to photodegradation, maintaining its performance when exposed to UV light, unlike Kevlar.

    Additional Calf Sleeve Details

    • Breathable mesh lining with anti-microbial, wicking, quick-dry technology
    • Custom Elastic Binding for superior comfort, extra security and reduced movement while skiing
    • Flat seaming
    • Easy care
    • Size reference:
      • Female with calf size 13.5in w/o sock; 13.75in w/ sock prefers XS/S
      • Female with calf size 14.2in w/o sock; 14.5in w/ sock prefers M/L
      • Male with calf size 14.5in w/o sock; 14.75 w/ sock prefers XL/XXL

      Care Instructions

      Close all zippers and closures before wash. Machine wash cold, no bleach, tumble dry low. No dry clean.


      The Full Cut Resistant Base Layer Option Is Available Here.



      PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: We acknowledge that no product on the market can be entirely "cut-proof" and do not claim the SYNC Cut Resistant Calf Sleeve is resistant to all cuts and slices. We have thoroughly tested our fabrics at international facilities on regulated testing machines to achieve the ratings we have, but this does not mean it will eliminate all lacerations while skiing.

      Customer Reviews

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      Great product for safety

      I use these all the time just in case. Makes me more confident and not be afraid of getting cut! Good compromise as a low cost option to protect your calves instead of a full layer.

      Great Product

      I wear them everyday, as I used to cut into my liners and skisocks on a regular basis and got scared to cut open my calves. They fit well and also keep your calves warm and snow free when you decide to not put your suit above your boot in slalom.

      ★ Why SYNC?

      Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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      The New "Go To"

      Purchased as a gift for my husband who has been wearing the same jacket for years on the hill. Wrangling juniors all day, lugging packs, gates, drills, keys, etc.. So far, so good. Has become his new "Go To" jacket. Glad that the hood is removable. The jacket has seen nothing but abuse, only to get wadded up and stuffed into a pack mid-day. It has worn like iron so far. The Jasmine Green is more subdued than the picture on the site. Easy to pick him out on the race hill littered with every color but green. Two Thumbs Up.

      JBL Adult Race Suit Blue/Green -absolute perfection!

      This race suit arrived quickly and exactly as pictured. Size was as advertised. Quality is top notch. Our older Sync race suit has lasted 3 years of heavy wear and still looks great - has only a few small areas of wear that won’t likely last another full season hence the new suit. These are very high quality suits that both of my kids love to train/race in.

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