Men's Top Step Pant - Race Red

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Top Step Side Zip Ski Pants

The SYNC Performance Top Step side-zip ski pant, like every product in the lineup, has a story behind it. Co-founder, Geof Ochs, describes it as the worst ski day of his life. It was a cold, windy race day morning at Burke and he was trying to get his pants on over his suit, fumbling with the snow-filled zippers. Freezing, he had to take his gloves off in below-zero temperatures to put the zipper together, or as he describes it, "put his diaper on."


The Top Step side zip ski pants feature our Easy-Step design. By using a robust zipper that zips just short of the top, racers don’t have to try to connect the zipper, you just step right into the pant. The zipper itself is a nice large gauge so you just rip it down and off you go, and you can do it all with your gloves on. There is no hassle and no frostbit fingers from trying to join a disconnected zipper together. When we developed these pants, one of the most important tests was how fast we could get them off and then back on.


Skiing’s cold, and once you get cold, it can be mentally consuming and hard to warm back up. If you're cold the last thing on your mind is performance and if you made the flip or are looking to score, you want to be immediately warming back up for the second run. The top-step pant is designed to warm you up quickly so you can immediately start recovery, and think about and mentally plan your next run. Quickly sliding into the Top Step Pant is like sliding under your down comforter as you are instantly engrossed by feathers of warmth.


Made with a comfortable athletic fit, premium technical materials, just the right amount of insulation so you feel the warmth immediately, a variety of color choices and plenty of pockets, the Top-Step side zip pant is the perfect workhorse pant for everyday skiing.

Customer Reviews

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Tough stuff

These waterproof pants are at least 10 times tougher than the two other pants I have from other companies. Zero signs of wear on cuffs after two years of heavy use. Cannot say that about my other pants

Randall Sussek
Love my new pants

Yeah, we love our new pants.
Great fit and keep me dry all day.
In the pockets everywhere.

Top Step, Top Shelf!

The Top Step pants are some of the best side zip pants I’ve owned. Easy on/off over boots. Warm and comfortable in 12 degrees, snow and wind with a medium layer underneath. Great material. Fit is perfect for me, love Sync’s performance fit. At 5’7” and 135lbs the inseam is spot on for a men’s small. I would buy again and will purchase another color. Nice job Team Sync!

Silvia Prieler
Men's Top Step Side Zip Ski Pant

Great Fit! Nice and light and easy to move in it at training.

Great stuff

his is the second pair of Top Step ski pants for me. I was originally attracted to them because of the almost full length zipper up the side of the leg. This is important for me in that an old injury makes it necessary to swap a walking prosthesis for a ski prosthesis at the mountain. I’ve got other ski pants but they don’t provide for the ease of access that the Top Step makes possible. The side zipper makes the swap super easy and quick. I was also pleased that I didn’t have to make any compromises in the quality of the pant. Solid build and with all the features one would wish for such as enough pockets, enough insulation, enough comfort and enough style. I’ve got two pair now and hoping the Top Step pant remains in the Sync catalog as it’s my go to ski pant. Five stars!